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On Friday, Aug. 19: It’s not surprising much less shocking for Austin Council member Don Zimmerman to make questionable comments from the dais. But last night, during a debate over the city’s proposed budget for next year, Zimmerman’s words to a group of children in attendance were indefensible..

There’s something for everyone in this ongoing saga.Enjoy what you’re doing. Remember to take breaks, and keep hydrated, as my doctor reminded me. Stay safe and healthy out there!ALL THINGS HOOVERVILLEHere is where you will find the Post NaJoPoMo fiction writing project, ’30 Hours in Hooverville’.

Cal then returns home, where the team will have to contend with college football legend Chip Kelly in his first year at the helm of UCLA football. It’s hard to know what to expect from the Bruins without the now departed quarterback Josh Rosen, but it is difficult to envision a Kelly team that can be looked over. However, the Oregon State Beavers, after a 1 11 season, should be as close to a locked in win as Cal has on its schedule..

If the department stays in Canberra, the back packer tax [reduction] will have no effect. C. J. Given the universal appeal of the cast, and the viral spread of its influence, it little surprise then that campaigns chose to spend money right here, where they can reach just about any demographic. But even as 2010 has been a hit year for Dancing, some have started to take note of the limitations that surround this last bastion of appointment television. When people don watch Dancing With The Stars live, they don watch it at all.

Apps, John R. And Carreno, Gabriela and Gonzalez Meljem, Jose Mario and Haston, Scott and Guiho, Romain and Cooper, Julie E. And Manshaei, Saba and Jani, Nital and Holsken, Annett and Pettorini, Benedetta and Beynon, Robert J. A classic 7 Merz refractor at the Quito observatory, nearly identical to the instrument that first spied Neptune. Image Credit: Dave DickinsonAnd the hunt was on. Astronomers soon realized that Uranus wasn’t staying put: something farther still from the Sun was tugging at its orbit.

To think we’re more used to seeing Venus as a brilliant, shining white star in the night sky and there it was, blacker than black. Scientists have used measurements of transits to work out astronomical data. In contrast to Sun Moon eclipses, this Sun Venus eclipse is barely noticeable, because Venus appears only as a small black dot on the Sun, instead of turning day into night..

The two four day matches, scheduled from February 13 16 and February 21 24, are part of the seven match tour which also includes five ODIs in Mumbai before the Tests. “At the outset we thank you for allotting the India England Under 19 matches at Chennai between 13th and 16th February and 21st to 24th February 2017. However, we regret to inform you that we are unable to host the matches at Chennai due to various domestic programs scheduled during the period,” the TNCA letter said, as quoted by the Hindu..