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After implementing the CD programme for the 8 week period without any personalized instruction, two telephone follow up interviews were completed after periods during which fireworks are commonly used (November and January). Forty two individuals completed the first 4 weeks of training and 38 completed the 8 week training period. Thirty six individuals completed the first follow up interview with 29 completing the second follow up interview.

Experimenters discovered decades ago that pyramids do tend to act in some ways like a natural electrical capacitor gathering and storing energy around them. The larger the pyramid, the greater the capacity of gathering and storing energy. A pyramid composition is important too.

Friday, December 30 It New Moon and tonight let grab the binoculars and hunt the Orion. In the northern most corner of the constellation and just under Taurus, look for a large, kite shaped collection of stars known as Collinder 65. You find its mixed magnitude stars span almost half the field of view of average binoculars!.

Everyone knows NASA gets the tech before the public. Well, maybe they did have a super secret extra storage recorder but one almost 3000 times more advanced? Doubtful. They shot it on film and slowed down the film instead. Right wing and racists politicians go to great lengths to distance themselves from this mark of absolute evil. For example, when Turkey had its own history of the Armenian genocide compared to that of Nazi Germany, they furiously protested the equation. Nazism left such a scar on the world psyche that absolutely no one wants to have anything publicly to do with the association, no matter how right wing they are..

Actor Roger Mosley is 79. Rock singer musician Keith Richards is 74. Movie producer director Steven Spielberg is 71. “We believe there is a strong prima facie case for architectural, aesthetic and associative significance at a local level, and that a heritage assessment should be undertaken as a matter of urgency to inform any subdivision or future development,” it reads. Crucially, the submission advocates for the protection of both the mud brick house designed by “noted architect and environmentalist” Alistair Knox, as well as the surrounding gardens. “The subject site is the location of a 1973 mud brick house designed by noted architect and environmentalist Alistair Knox, and that the design incorporates an eclectic range of reclaimed materials, many of which have provenance to the Bendigo area,” it reads.