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The boys themselves were maturing, both as artists and as men. Paul had moved in with his girlfriend (actress Jane Asher), George was living with Patti Boyd and John Lennon had been married for two years (to Cynthia, not that he allowed that little detail to be discussed by the press). On 20 January, 1965, Ringo proposed to his long time girlfriend Maureen Cox, and they were married soon after on 11 February.

This is not relevant to the HOF, but I was reading a story on Ozzie Newsome today that mentioned the trade of Tony Jones to the Broncos. I think Jones is seriously underrated for his contributions to the Broncos SB teams. A very good left tackle that played at right because the Broncos had Zim, he not only was excellent on the field, but took one for the team when the Broncos managed to get Zim back for the second championship, shifting back to RT.

Oscar Pistorius Many sponsors at first remained supportive of Pistorius after his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, died under suspicious circumstances in his home. South African television station M Net was reportedly the first to act, taking down billboards with his name on them when it became public that Steenkamp had died. And as details of the incident emerged about how Pistorius had shot and killed Steenkamp, the companies which had backed the “Blade Runner” acted quickly.

Will bother me more in five or 10 years if we never get back there and that your only chance. I don operate that way. I a glass is half full guy so we back to work and we get back there. You can try this experiment yourself by buying some white flour, putting it in a bowl and throwing some ants and crickets in with it. Give them a little bit of water, just so they don’t die from dehydration, and then find out how long they live. You’ll find they won’t live very long at all..

Of course, this revelation doesn’t mean high dose chemotherapy won’t continue to be pushed onto cancer patients by their oncologists. High dose chemotherapy sells more drugs, making it far more profitable to the pharmaceutical companies than low dose treatments. And pharmaceutical companies don’t seem to mind turning the human body into a chemical dumping ground as long as they can pocket a few extra dollars in the process.

Brewers: Manager Craig Counsell said that C Manny Pia has a concussion and would not play this weekend. Pia left Thursday game after taking a foul ball off the mask. 3B Mike Moustakas, who missed his three consecutive games because his sore left hand, came in as a defensive replacement in the top of the seventh.

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