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The lawsuit sought to invalidate the provision of the original body camera policy that designated audio/video recording as “investigative materials,” thereby exempting them from disclosure under the California Public Records Act. The revised policy replaces the “investigative materials” with a policy favoring disclosure except for specified exemptions. The revised policy also contains a new section prohibiting use of body cameras for political surveillance..

In this paper, the focus is on urban design controls and their impacts on housing transitions in China by first analysing common housing typologies as well as their challenges and issues and common practices of urban design for housing projects across major cities of China. This paper argues in favour of alternative routes before concluding on the importance of detailed design and new possibilities for revised and re evaluated urban design controls. This paper offers a set of analytical views on positive and negative impacts of urban design controls on contemporary urban housing in China.

Five Lots happened since this photo. Got married, went on honeymoon, got sick multiple times due to all the stress and travel and funky bacteria messing up my stomach so I ended up losing quite a bit of weight over the 3 weeks or so. The honeymoon was amazing but I glad to be back home in a cool familiar climate..

That just another area that I knew leave that to some other parents that are aquatic and let them go do that. We keep her on land. I can push her in some ways that we can still get it done and they still manage to get her in the air. The $200,000 is an increase from $185,000 last year and $125,000 the year before. The next deadline is mid April. Local artists: consider yourselves motivated..

The method is based on the multiscale finite element method MsFEM Hou and Wu in J Comput Phys 134:169 189, 1997) and is built in the vein of Crouzeix and Raviart elements (Crouzeix and Raviart in Math Model Numer Anal 7:33 75, 1973). Simulations of inertial flow in highly non periodic settings are conducted and presented. Convergence studies in terms of numerical errors relative to the reference solution are given to demonstrate the accuracy of our method.

In this paper the difficult problem of how to legitimise data driven hydrological models is addressed using an example of a simple artificial neural network modelling problem. Many data driven models in hydrology have been criticised for their black box characteristics, which prohibit adequate understanding of their mechanistic behaviour and restrict their wider heuristic value. In response, presented here is a new generic data driven mechanistic modelling framework.

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