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Infant [in a human child from birth (see newborn infant) to the end of the first year of life. Development is a continuous process, and each child progresses at his own rate. There is a developmental sequence, which means that the changes leading to maturity are specific and orderly.

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Aims: To estimate 1) the immediate impact; 2) the cumulative impact; and 3) the duration of impact of Scottish tobacco control TV mass media campaigns (MMCs) on smoking cessation activity, as measured by calls to Smokeline and the volume of prescribed nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).Design: Multivariate time series analysis using secondary data on population level measures of exposure to TV MMCs broadcast and smoking cessation activity between 2003 and 2012.Setting and participants: Population of Scotland.Measurements: Adult television viewer ratings (TVRs) as a measure of exposure to Scottish mass media campaigns in the adult population; monthly calls to NHS Smokeline; and the monthly volume of prescribed NRT as measured by gross ingredient costs (GIC).Findings: Tobacco control TVRs were associated with an increase in calls to Smokeline but not an increase in the volume of prescribed NRT. A one standard deviation increase of 194 tobacco control TVRs led to an immediate and significant increase of 385.9 (95% CI: 171.0, 600.7) calls to Smokeline (unadjusted model) within one month. When adjusted for seasonality the impact was reduced but the increase in calls remained significant (226.3 calls, 95% CI: 37.3, 415.3).

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