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In March 2007, Pam Zubeck (now the Indy’s senior reporter) wrote a piece on Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte having earned a score of 3.66 on a performance review that used a 5 point scale. Working with editors there, she OK’d classifying Forte’s score as a C and all hell broke loose. Apparently upon hearing complaints from city leaders who felt that the comparison was unfair, Gazette editor Jeff Thomas wrote what I remember as a long winded retraction, saying it was wrong for a reporter to interpret the numbers that way.

Not everyone is happy with the new arrangement, of course. There’s always some radical, freedom loving security hater who doesn’t go along with the benefits of Big Government. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP MS instrumentation.

It is because the priest has a responsibility to care for those entrusted to her that she engages in priestly activity. In doing so she is sharing in the collective ministry of the church in which she has a pivotal and public role. The church is to be a community in which people grow up in Christ and come to maturity of faith.In order to explore the relational activity of a parish priest the imagery of mothering is used.

A press release issued Tuesday by the ACLU of Maine, Heiden said have consistently held that restrictions like the one adopted by Yarmouth must serve a substantial public interest, and Maine law even specifically anticipates that school teachers can and will serve as municipal officers. The town manager, said by email Tuesday that he had just received the complaint and had not had time to read it. Will refer the matter to the town attorney to guide us on the appropriate ways to answer, he said..

Richard escaped jams in the third and fourth with defensive help. Margot dove to take a potential run scoring hit away from Steven Souza Jr. In the third, and the Padres turned a double play with the bases loaded to end the fourth. If another team tried to sign him, there would be no compensation involved, but the Redskins would have the right to match any offers. The Redskins are talking about signing him long term. If they realize they can sign him by training camp, they might try to trade him, just so they get something for him.

“They always use the words they want to protect the integrity of the game,” Matthews said. “I think it is always looked at as the integrity of the football game. Obviously, if somebody makes a mistake like Lane did, or even if somebody does it intentionally if they might try to do something to get an edge, then yes, that can affect a game.

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