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Constantine was born in about 274 AD in Naissos (now Nis) in Serbia. His father was Constantius, a general in the army; his mother was Helena. When Diocletian split the Empire, Constantius was appointed Caesar (Junior Emperor), which meant that he would inherit the title of Emperor of the West when Maximian died or stepped down..

Hercules is one of the most commonly portrayed classical figures in modern culture, with a plethora of movies and television shows depicting his adventures; this popularity is not a modern fad, however, for representations of Hercules have been a constant throughout history. During his career, the Baroque artist Luca Giordano (1634 1705) produced three different versions of Hercules’ demise: the Colby Museum of Art’s “Hercules on the Funeral Pyre” (1665 1670), “Hercules on the Pyre” (1687 1700) currently in El Escorial, and the Prado Museum’s “Hercules on the Pyre” (1697). This project in progress focuses on the different ways Giordano portrays Hercules’ destiny after death in each painting, and explores which Ancient Greek and Roman sources may have influenced each of Giordano’s depictions.

It was recently shown that high magnetic fields evoke nystagmus in human subjects with functioning vestibular systems. The proposed mechanism involves interaction between ionic currents in the endolymph of the vestibular labyrinth and the static magnetic field. This results in a Lorentz force that causes endolymph flow to deflect the cupulae of the semi circular canals to evoke a vestibular ocular reflex (VOR).

The paper studies stationary Markov perfect equilibria in multidimensional models of dynamic bargaining, in which the alternative chosen in one period determines the status quo for the next. We generalize a sufficient condition for existence of equilibrium due to Anesi and Seidmann (2015). We then use this existence result to show that if a weak gradient restriction holds at an alternative, then when players are sufficiently patient, there is a continuum of equilibria with absorbing sets arbitrarily close to that alternative.

I think you missing what /u/__Hello_my_name_is__ and I are trying to say. It not scoffing and being shitty, and it not like a kid going through a phase telling their mom they just “don understand” or whatever. When I say people arn “scoffing and saying “you never understand”, I talking about that kind of attitude.

We get into very dangerous territory when religious adherence becomes the basis for territorial possession or exclusion. Migration policies based on racial or religious grounds are equally problematic. Paul McMahon, Isaacs We are continually told by the supermarket duopoly that they are great supporters of our primary producers yet Friday edition of The Canberra Times features a large advertisement for fruit and vegetables on special this week at Coles with peaches and grapes from the USA and kiwi fruit from New Zealand.

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