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The Earth’s Tectonic Plates. The nature of the eruption depends on the viscosity of the magma. When the lava flows easily, it can travel far and create wide shield volcanoes. At certain times, Mauritania supported an independent Saharawi nation as a cushion between itself and Morocco. Alternatively, the country, also being wary of Saharan power, supported a Mauritanian run Western Sahara as their protection. The Ould Daddah government then came up with a compromise policy with Spain and Morocco.

Moreover, in examining how the family troupe changed over time, we begin to learn more about the process by which one of Carcinus TM sons, Xenocles, was trained as a tragic poet. Both ancient and modern scholars have assumed that Xenocles was a poet by 422, when he is thought to have appeared as a character in the Wasps. I argue that Xenocles did not in fact make his debut as an independent poet until after 420.

The White House also has provided a financial lifeline to Iran in the form of sanctions relief. As a result, Iran’s economy has stabilized and is on a modest recovery path after a deep, sanctions induced recession in 2012 and 2013. This has reduced Iranian regime fears of another economic crisis and increased economic resilience against future pressure..

To equate the information content of moving and static sequences, we next manipulated the dynamic properties of the masks. Finally, we determined the dependence of motion related improvements on the object of motion (target or mask) and its trajectory (smooth or jittered). Motion improved visual acuity for masked but not unmasked peripheral targets.

The assessment of potential for building damage due to ground displacements caused by tunnelling is a global issue being faced by engineers. There is a two way interaction between tunnelling and existing buildings; tunnel construction affects a building by inducing displacements in the soil underlying its foundation, and buildings influence tunnelling induced displacements via their weight and stiffness. Numerical analyses are widely used to investigate tunnelling and its impact on structures, however numerically predicted ground displacements are generally wider and shallower than those observed in practice.

All of the studies were at high risk of performance and detection biases as there was no blinding of participants and outcome assessors and the outcomes were self reported. Twelve studies were at high risk of attrition bias. Using GRADE criteria, we judged the quality of evidence to be ‘low’ for fear of falling immediately post intervention and ‘very low’ for fear of falling at short or long term follow up and all other outcomes.Exercise interventions were associated with a small to moderate reduction in fear of falling immediately post intervention (SMD 0.37 favouring exercise, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.18 to 0.56; 24 studies; 1692 participants, low quality evidence).

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