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The matter of a appeal of a Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA)decision on hillside property permit at 1835 Kaweah Drive was then taken up. Patrick and Sonia Nicholson were asking the council to overturn the BOZA decision against their construction, and grant a minor variance for a reduced front yard setback. The city staff recommendation was to overturn the decision and approve the new home..

From what I can find he didn’t dispute deploying troops to the border but kept them unarmed and gave them limited powers of detention and search and seizure. I don’t agree with the manufactured border crisis and the military deployment at all but orange man was going to order it done no matter what. Way I see it Mattis made reassuring noises to his babysitting charge while keeping his hands on the reins to make sure the unnecessary deployment didn’t turn into something spectacularly ugly.

And I only bring this all up now because if A Rod is indeed continuing to be misleading and we keep getting drips that show his words to be false the cover up is going to destroy him in a way that the crime probably would not have. That means in the period in which Alex said that he was using steroids, 2001 2003, Sucart was in his late 30s or early 40s. So that young and nave thing that Rodriguez was trying to sell falls apart even more.

There are certainly some unfortunate precedents: Self proclaimed anti gang vigilantes became a key part of the civil war in Colombia, where they morphed into paramilitary armies with thousands of members. These groups fought leftist guerrillas and allied with the government to bring down major drug traffickers such as the notorious Pablo Escobar. Many of the paramilitary leaders later confessed they had funded their own activities by dealing drugs, but claimed they virtually stopped anti social crime in areas under their control.

Here is how the top and bottom schools in Eugene have performed so far and what to expect for the rest of the season:The Lancers are probably the top basketball team in all of Eugene, using a stable of great scoring threats. At 6 1, on a two game winning streak, the Lancers are just behind undefeated Wilsonville (the Lancers’ lone loss of the season) for the best record in the OSAA 5A league. Churchill is 0 1 in league games, however, so they are not at the top of the Midwestern league at the moment.What will give Churchill a great advantage as they get closer to the playoffs is the fact that the Lancers have played in numerous close games through the short season.

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