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It would be very difficult to argue that the pharmaceutical industry today is out to actually help humanity. It doesn’t mean some people aren’t trying to those arguments, it’s just they are painfully difficult to make. An honest person would say, “Okay, if a drug company discovered some drug was causing heart attacks, and if it had the best interests of its customers at heart, then it would have immediately alerted the FDA and voluntarily withdrawn the drug very early on in the game and not waited years.”.

CLIN 0012 Lodging Rooms 12 January Provide Double 5 rooms for the night of January 12th 2013, a rooming list will be sent to the venue, please provide a cutoff date to release any rooms without penalty/charge. Requirements for your quote: Please submit a quote on your company letterhead showing a price per contract line item (CLIN) with at total price at the bottom. Include the following information on your quote: cage code, tax id number, company name, phone number, contact, and email.

As well as the promise of an outstanding day of racing action, the meeting is sure to provide a wonderful springboard for the $500,000 Country Championships Final at Royal Randwick over 1400 metres on Saturday 7th April. The Country Championships consists of a series of seven qualifying races, each held at a club representing one racing region in NSW. Each race will be worth $150,000 in prize money, and will be contested by eligible horses that must be under the care of a country trainer in that region.

Additive manufacturing lends itself well to the manufacture of aerospace parts due to the high complexity and small volume of many components found in modern aero engines. By exploiting additive manufacturing design freedoms, enhanced part functionality can be achieved and lead time can be reduced. However, the integrity of these parts is a primary concern which often cannot be guaranteed with current generation additive manufacturing methods and materials.

The rural areas are conservative, white and poor (but not very poor) and not very beautiful. The old American idea of keeping poor whites in line by having them look down on poor blacks is commonplace. There are daily posts about crime from immigrants, people using SNAP to buy manicures (how?), buses not picking up kids because “millennials” don want to work, Hilary Clinton, etc.

The report tells of raids in Zurmat in eastern Paktia Province. Strike forces blew open the door of one home and shot dead four men as the family watched. In a second house, three shopkeepers and a guest, all home for a holiday, were shot and killed, said a witness.

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