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Both Allen and Webb need to get major turnout here. Webb hopes to accumulate enough votes to make up for a deficit in the southern and more conservative parts of the state, while Allen needs to hold down his margin of defeat in the north while getting the bulk of voters in the southern part of the state. Whoever wins can only hope the Senate turns out to be a lot less colorful..

A suspension of each microbial strain was spread in triplicate on agar media and incubated in its optimal growth conditions. The viable count (colony forming unit per ml) was determined for each bacterial strain for the five different bedding types. Pinus syvestrus bedding resulted in significantly less (p=0.001) bacterial growth of all strains tested.Conclusions: Factors resulting in the inhibition of bacterial growth include the anti bacterial effects reported in the Pinacea family and the physical properties of the bedding substrate.

You might say that human beings are smarter than bacteria, and that’s true, but as current events are clearly demonstrating, they’re not much wiser! They still doom themselves to the same stupid fate by refusing to look at the long term implications of their actions.Humans are really good at making babies and eating food, but they’re terrible at thinking even ten years ahead about the implications of their present day decisions. That’s why the global population control masterminds call people “feeders and breeders,” by the way. Those are the two things human beings do extremely well: Fornicate and clean their plate.

When given the outline of the events this summer, the NFL suspended Mr. Rice for two games. To put that in perspective, the league’s mandatory first penalty for a drug offense is a four game suspension. Although students perceived the international nature and the lose frame provided by the tool as challenges, most learning effects were caused by these challenges. The paper also shows that the set up by the involved educators is crucial for the learning effect in particular towards similar weights of the assessments and the number of group members from each geographical area.Research limitations/implications: The paper does not examine all potentially amendable factors but focusses on those that were seen as relevant and practically achievable under the available resources to ensure the tool can be easily scaled up by adding further institutions and participants.Originality/value: The paper is the first application of global virtual teams in logistics and supply chain management education. It provides the theoretical foundations and rationale for its application and is relevant to educators by giving them access to this tool for improvement of their students TM career preparedness..

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