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Seriously, I think a publicity campaign by some professional and amateur astronomers from the UK may be in order here. The public (in general) holds a deep fascination with astronomy. It is one of the few sciences that excites and inspires people from all walks of life, no matter what their current level of knowledge is or educational background, their age or (dare I say it) their religious creed.

As many of you who read this newspaper and might have heard of Ida Temple are probably aware, she calls it the way she sees it, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She has always loved this nation and desires to keep it safe for the children who do not have a voice yet. Adults can handle themselves as well as protect themselves, but the children do not.

Under President Bush, the right has counterattacked in a complex “Take Back America” campaign involving an array of “hot button” issues, from abortion and gay marriage to judgeships and, now, women in combat. Indeed, last February, in an Oval Office press conference, Mr. Bush stated his opposition to women in ground combat, giving his supporters carte blanche to work the issue.

Adm. Mike Gilday made the decision after carefully reviewing the trial transcripts and the clemency request by the lawyers of Edward Gallagher, said Cmdr. Nate Christensen, spokesman for Gilday, in a statement. Unrest Begins in EarnestLumumba asked the UN to use ONUC to attack Katanga. However, it is not the part of the UN to attack another state and so they refused to forcefully unite the breakaway province with the rest of Congo. Lumumba was running out of options to achieve his dream of a united Congo and so asked the USSR for help.

Ransted, D. Hraris Foll: J. Stevenson, B. Reviewed September 2, 2009 To those going to Beijing with family members, especially of the female gender, if you value your time in Beijing DO NOT GO HERE. Now that the disclaimer is done, on to the wonderful world of pirated goods. The central entrance to the building sports an elegant black marble slab with gold lettering which I assume means Hong Qiao Pearl Market (I personally think it means Abandon All Hope All Ye Enter Here.) The building itself has five floors, each floor having a specialty “theme” on the goods that they sell.

Apparently, someone tipped them off that the SEALs were coming; the helicopter was attacked from three sides in a coordinated ambush. Military claimed that the Chinook was blown to pieces by a shoulder fired missile, in which everyone on board was burned beyond recognition. Hence, senior military officials ordered the American bodies cremated without the prior approval of their family members..

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