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The situation in the northern Bahamas is bleak more than a week after Hurricane Dorian landfall. About 17% of all Bahamians that 70,000 people are suddenly homeless. Many are still without power and water. For those of you who have made the drive from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, you know that there is a rather long stretch of narrow road that goes over huge swamp lands and has no exits or shoulders to pull over. It was on that stretch of road that I realized hell fury was forming inside of my bowels due to the steady diet of fried seafood I had eaten the past couple of days in Florida, and the recently ingested chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. (Chicory is a coffee substitute and can act as a minor, natural laxative)..

That’s not science. It’s dogma. And in its desperation to vilify Wakefield, the BMJ has proven to the whole world, once and for all, that the vaccine industry is so afraid of the weakness of its position that it must resort to publishing false accusations in the name of science in order to try to fend off real scientific skepticism..

I used to own a Cali. I foolishly sold it to emigrate here from the UK. What followed was an awful VN1500 “Classic” that steered like a barge, didn’t actually go and didn’t really stop. “The Lebanese people want an efficient and effective government, economic reform, and an end to endemic corruption,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.And Iran expressed hopes that all parties would unite to maintain security and stability in the country and meet the legitimate demands of the Lebanese people.Hariri declared he had hit a “dead end” in trying to resolve a crisis unleashed by huge protests against the ruling elite.”For 13 days the Lebanese people have waited for a decision for a political solution that stops the deterioration (of the economy). And I have tried, during this period, to find a way out, through which to listen to the voice of the people,” Hariri said.”It is time for us to have a big shock to face the crisis,” he said. “To all partners in political life, our responsibility today is how we protect Lebanon and revive its economy.”The prime minister addressed the nation after a mob loyal to the Shi Muslim Hezbollah and Amal movements attacked and destroyed a protest camp set up by anti government demonstrators in Beirut.As night fell, protesters returned to central Beirut waving Lebanese flags, seemingly unfazed by the violence.Smoke rose after some tents were set ablaze by Hezbollah and Amal supporters, and protesters were hit with sticks and pipes.Security forces did not initially intervene to stop the assault, but eventually fired tear gas to disperse the crowds.Lebanon allies last year pledged $11 billion in financing to help it revive its economy, conditional on reforms that Hariri coalition government has largely failed to implement”..

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