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Oh, the struggles of a work life balance. Rachel is killing it at her new job at Bloomingdales, but that also means she working long hours and doesn have time to celebrate her anniversary with Ross. Jealousy and drunken decisions ensued and fans still debate what constitutes cheating on one partner.

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ATHENS The Christmas Park Land of Lights (Loop 7 and Patterson Road Athens, Texas) Opens Nov. 10 Jan. BULLARD Bullard Annual Christmas Parade (Downtown Bullard, Texas) Date: Dec. If the Chinese government efforts were to block US and European people from seeing this sort of info about HK, it totally blew up in their faces and didn work at all. If it just an extra precaution to make sure their own people stay critical of HK and the West, then they are succeeding spectacularly. The more Western countries criticize China, the more entrenched Chinese supporters become.

Precious metals also spiked sharply in recent trade, moving into positive territory due to weakness in the dollar index. Gold bounced off recent lows of $1135.20 per ounce and silver spiked off its lows of $18.35 per ounce. Gold is currently $1147.40 per ounce, up 0.4%, while silver is at $18.08 per ounce, up 0.4%.

So just what is LEO and why are we so intent on sending things there?Technically, objects in low Earth orbit are at an altitude of between 160 to 2,000 km (99 to 1200 mi) above the Earth’s surface. Any object below this altitude will being to suffer from orbital decay and will rapidly descend into the atmosphere, either burning up or crashing on the surface. The time it will take them to orbit the Earth once) of between 88 and 127 minutes..

With a diameter of 396 km and a mass of 0.41020 kg, Mimas is the smallest and least massive of these moons. It is ovoid in shape and orbits Saturn at a distance of 185,539 km with an orbital period of 0.9 days. There are in fact craters throughout the moon’s small surface, making it among the most pockmarked in the Solar System..

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