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Scientific charlatanry is one of their main interests, and the Wild West nature of China’s booming economy has given them no shortage of material. Beginning with his time at Chinese publications Science News and China Newsweek, Fang Xuanchang had exposed multiple quack doctors who promoted dubious cures for everything from cancer to incontinence. In biochemistry from Michigan State University in 1995.

If such a publicly accessible database existed today, you’d be shocked to learn the number of deaths and harmful side effects that have been caused by clinical drug trials conducted over the last 20 years. Without a doubt, the pharmaceutical industry depends on the fact that they can bury negative results and make them disappear. If those results were to suddenly be made public, and if stringent rules were put in place which required all such studies to be made public in the future, you can bet the pharmaceutical industry would experience a meltdown caused by the widespread realization that pharmaceuticals really aren’t good for people after all..

The city did cut down the big old sycamore 2 3 years ago (?) unannounced, but the Montessori kids who live at the circle replanted it ( new tree, bulbs) within days. It’s still there. I just checked!!”. Data from the past three censuses 1997, 2002 and 2007 were collated, analyzed and projected forward to 2014 factoring in relative changes in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) not only nationally but also at industry and state levels. State level GDP changes over the period of analysis are applied to our estimates of change at the metropolitan level. Please note the metropolitan area trends can only be analyzed back as far as the 2002 Economic Census because the boundaries of metropolitan areas were changed after Census 2000..

The number one reason for dogs to be surrendered to animal shelters is that they don’t match the needs or the lifestyle of their owners. Accommodation All dogs need some form of exercise in one way or another, but there are significant disparities among breeds. Small breeds tend to adapt better than large breeds to the smaller space available in an apartment.

Which brings us back, on narrative foot, to that new restaurant with its industrially inflected design and its Leigh Taylor Wyatt created sculpture. “Bridget [Dunlap] was a fan of Leigh’s work,” explains Daniel Brooks, Mettle’s general manager, “so she wanted to get East Side Glass Studio to do, well, it’s not a chandelier. It’s an illuminated glass sculpture.”.

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