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NFL personnel, McCarthy said, made their first attempt to get information Feb. 19, four days after the assault at the now closed Revel casino resort on the Boardwalk. That day, Jim Buckley, an NFL security representative based in New Jersey, called the Atlantic City Police Department asked Ava Davenport, supervisor of the records division, for the incident report, McCarthy said.

After some rough early years, Major League Baseball’s longtime commish Bud Selig announced Thursday he will step down in January 2015. By the time he leaves the game 22 years after accepting the gig in 1993, he says he will have a succession plan firmly in place. But come on, Bud: Why not open this up for some fresh blood? Well, in our weird, parallel universe, job applications have been pouring in at league headquarters.

Floyd Mayweather has made hundreds of millions of dollars over his career. However, money doesn buy morals. Mayweather has a checkered past of domestic violence. We all probably know someone who has been impacted by the opioid crisis in our state. The pharmaceutical industry has for years pushed the over prescription of these drugs resulting in great corporate profits. Those born prone to substance abuse have been steered into a negative cycle of withdrawal and need for these drugs..

You have to ask them. I’m not qualified to answer that. I am absolutely not qualified to say what anybody does or does not do. Rather, they are a product of multi layered additions of cultures, styles, social and economical development. In their preservation of such history, policies have largely ignored economy, industrial and spatial logic on the old quarters while focusing on style of buildings in forms of touristic attractions and images of the past. Modernity was the aim of every process of architectural production, and technology played significant part in every construction at all historical periods.

It also contributes to the national electricity grid, she added.Peirano said that wood chips could be used to make cellulose or paper, with a higher added value than biomass, but the investments required would be greater and would take longer to yield returns. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Argentina has the potential to generate half the country’s total energy supply by burning biomass.The assessment by the FAO and government and technical bodies in Argentina mapped the biomass resources in each province to determine the available potential.The study’s methodology made it possible to identify, quantify and locate production and consumption of biomass throughout the country.The study, del Balance de Energa Derivada de Biomasa en Argentina (Analysis of the Energy Derived from Biomass in Argentina) concludes that biomass production today is higher than official estimates and that the country has enormous potential of available biomass over and above what is already used. The province with the most resources is Misiones in the northeast, but they point out that there are others.Related IPS ArticlesBiomass Plant Lights up Rural SenegalBiomass Plantations Can Power IndiaThe Green Economy, Boon or Menace?Iceland Finds New Power in FarmsBased on different waste products, the northern provinces of Santiago del Estero, Tucumn, Salta, Chaco and Formosa would be good producers, as well as the central province of La Pampa, and Tierra del Fuego in the far south.Unlike biofuels, which are manufactured from specific energy rich crops, biomass is made out of organic waste from other activities.The waste comes from the forestry industry, wine making, rice mills, sugarcane plantations and sugar mills, yerba mate plantations, the cotton, oil, peanut and fruit industries, and others.Despite its potential, the FAO considers that biomass has so far been the “Cinderella” of energy sources, without political visibility or recognition in development planning in many countries, including Argentina.FAO, which published its study in 2009 at the request of the Argentine government as a step towards the official launch of the Probiomasa programme, says the use of biomass resources is not just an environmentally friendly option.As well as reducing the contribution to global warming, biomass energy promotes rural development, adds value to agricultural production, bolsters the growth of regional economies and creates quality jobs in the countryside.In an interview with IPS, Jorge Hilbert, an engineer and the coordinator of the National Bioenergy Programme at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), said the government wishes to advance in this kind of development through the Probiomasa programme.FAO study (in which Hilbert collaborated) shows the productivity and quantity of waste generated by the agricultural and forestry industries at the national level, but now more precise work is being done for each province and the municipalities, he said..

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