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Moons of Saturn (from left to right): Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Titan in the background; Iapetus (top) and irregularly shaped Hyperion (bottom). Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science InstituteTraditionally, most of Saturn’s moons have been named after the Titans of Greek mythology, and are grouped based on their size, orbits, and proximity to Saturn. The innermost moons and regular moons all have small orbital inclinations and eccentricities and prograde orbits.

No one who is now alive, it almost goes without saying, can truly know what death is like. What will we find on the other side? Many insist there will be only oblivion. Others are confident that they will step into paradise. This isn the first attempt to stop the idealization of excessively thin bodies the of the fashion world: in 2015, the French government made it illegal for agencies to use models with a BMI under 18. (Picture a 5 foot, 7 inch woman weighs 120 pounds.)Kering and LVMH their new charter was designed for “the well being of models.” But there hope it will have ripple effects into society at large. To get an expert take, we spoke with Hildebrandt, PsyD, chief of the division of eating and weight disorders at Mount Sinai Health System..

Local pumpkin farmers are now busy hosting visitors but those visitors aren just buying pumpkins. They are also walking through corn mazes, taking hayrides and petting farm animals. For farmers, this is another revenue stream for their bottom line. A Mechanism for Reductive Amination Catalyzed by Fungal Reductive Aminases (RedAms)Sharma, M., Mangas Sanchez, J., France, S., Aleku, G., Montgomery, S. L., Ramsden, J., Turner, N. Grogan, G.

Claudie’s Brother: Caroline Carr gives the best performance of the night as a poor Southern girl with ADHD who pleads with her brother not to walk out on their family. The understated dialogue and bittersweet, almost haunting mood make it clear why Seattle playwright Barbara Lindsay is a festival favorite. (Her plays also appeared in 2008 and 2012.).

Huge brains are expensive. They take an enormous number of calories to grow and function (up to 50 percent of intake in infancy and childhood, Flinn said) and make humans basically helpless for years after birth. Charles Darwin suggested that perhaps males developed cleverness to attract females, much as a male peacock developed showy tail feathers to prove to potential mates that he could strut his stuff.

Locally, this past Wednesday May 15, Mining Month was celebrated in Sparwood with a free barbecue for everyone. In the past a lunch was held with invited local, provincial and federal government representatives, mining company executives, local mine managers, businesses and others associated with mining. The lunch held at the Causeway Bay was a way for those attending to mingle and listen to was happening in the mining sector locally and world wide with speeches and power points from Teck vice president, Teck top managers, MLA/Mining Minister, and others knowledgeable on the subject.

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