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Sit on an upright bench, like one you use for a shoulder press. Holding a dumbbell in your right hand, place your left hand under your left butt cheek and grab the side of the seat. Let your right hand hang down straight by your side and pull your shoulder blades back and together.

This article explores the metabolic lives of whey powder, the most popular form of protein supplement in what has become a multibillion dollar industry during the past two decades. Faced with the slippery and elusive properties latent to this multiplicitous substance, our approach is to follow whey powder from its mid twentieth century emergence as a noxious byproduct of industrial dairy production, through the human and animal bodies unevenly tasked with its processing, and out into waterways, where its nitrogen density rematerializes as a pollutant. We show how whey powder emerged as a solution to the environmental damage posed by whey pollution, how such damage is an effect of the systematic overproduction endemic to agrofood industries, and how whey’s toxicity persists through processes of metabolism and consumption, despite attempts to process and profit from its vital capacities.

The resulting trajectories are discussed along with their implications for policy making and technology design.Les sites communautaires et les rseaux sociaux intressent de nombreux internautes mais leurs utilisations restent en marge des personnes ges. Dans cette tude effectue dans le sud de l’Angleterre, nous observons quelles sont les motivations d’un petit groupe de personnes ges qui utilise ces plateformes et quel impact ont leurs relations existantes dans la communaut locale sur cette utilisation. Quatre vecteurs de motivation peuvent tre identifis : la famille, les rles, la perte d’un proche et les espaces et les lieux.

In the world of GMOs, it’s not about actually “feeding the world” as is ridiculously claimed by its corrupt, criminal pushers; it’s actually about “owning the world” and using food as a weapon against the People of the world. He who controls the food supply eventually controls everything. Monsanto is hell bent on world domination, not world nourishment..

We no longer consider it an unshakable truth that in order to appear beautiful, you must have a perfect oval shaped face. It’s no longer an indisputable error for a woman with a long face to wear long hair. Furthermore, a woman with strong features may choose a hairstyle to bring out those strong characters, not hide them.

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