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Jupiter is almost a solar system unto itself. Many astronomers believe the the planet is simply a failed star, just lacking the mass needed to ignite fusion. Many people are aware of its four largest moons, the Galilean moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, but few realize that Jupiter has 50 confirmed moons and at least 14 provisional moons.

June 27, North Port, Florida: A woman boyfriend came to her defense when a man with a loaded handgun attempted to rob her while she withdrew money from an ATM. The boyfriend shot the would be robber, who was seriously injured, but survived. Both the robbery suspect and his alleged getaway driver were arrested and now face felony charges..

“Whether we have a sound, or a variety of different sounds, we’re not really sure,” says Alt J keyboardist Gus Unger Hamilton, who met his future bandmates at Leeds University back in 2007. “We just play music that interests us, music that we find interesting and stimulating. Revivalists.

Objective: Hypoglycemia is a common adverse event and can injure central nervous system (CNS) white matter (WM). We determined if glutamate receptors were involved in hypoglycemic WM injury.Methods: Mouse optic nerves (MON), CNS WM tracts, were maintained at 37C with oxygenated artificial cerebrospinal fluid (ACSF) containing 10 mM glucose. Aglycemia was produced by switching to 0 glucose ACSF.

In basketball its where a life time 85% FT shooter suddenly starts missing 70% of his FT I believe Kaep got the yips last year or late in the 2014 season and could no longer pull the trigger on his passes, he started short arming them into the dirt and when he tried to correct he began sailing balls 20 yards out of bounds. Some athletes get over the yips but it has ended the careers of others. If Keap can get out of his own head I think he can return to his level of play of a few years ago..

As a nation, we could invest a few pennies in prevention and save hundreds of dollars in medical costs. We could significantly cut the cost of treating our nation’s health disorders. We could slash the number of people who are diagnosed with chronic disease.

This is a sub discipline of systems engineering that emphases evaluation of relevant factors on the success of a physical system. Later in my career, and after retirement from engineering, I have applied this approach to the human system by evaluating how body height and associated weight affect physical performance, chronic disease, longevity, intelligence, and our environment. I also have looked at the fiscal costs of increased body size..

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