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Recently, researchers and practitioners are more engaged in investigating the quality of education, particularly at primary and secondary levels, where they have focused on the following themes:There has been little application of School Effectiveness Research (SER) in Bangladesh, though SER became one of the most important educational movements and discourses in the West and came to prominence very rapidly in other developed and developing countries, namely Australia, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia, China and India. Therefore, the current study is significant in that it explores contemporary issues in the Bangladesh education system, which influence student academic attainment and present the findings of the first school effectiveness study in Bangladesh using multi level analysis.Reviewing SER in other developed and developing countries, I discuss the status of SER in Bangladesh. This is followed by an assessment of the education system, educational management and policy making procedure at secondary level in Bangladesh to aid readers’ understanding.

For key outcomes the quality of the evidence was assessed using the GRADE approach.Main results: We included four trials, involving 1190 women. Shoulder dystocia (RR 0.60, 95% CI 0.37 to 0.98; 1190 women; four trials, moderate quality evidence), and fracture (any) (RR 0.20, 95% CI 0.05 to 0.79; 1190 women; four studies, high quality evidence) were reduced in the induction of labour group. There were no clear differences between groups for brachial plexus injury (two events were reported in the control group in one trial, low quality evidence).

Chances are, Marjorie will indeed become diabetic. She’s already obese, she gets little to no exercise and her diet is sorely lacking in nutrition. Unless Marjorie can change her lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising, she’ll likely grow up obese and pass her bad habits on to her future children, who in turn could easily develop the disease.

Some have suggested that Akhenaten was homosexual4, and that Smenkhkare was his lover, based on the casually erotic poses they seem to be striking in some of the art of the period. Others have suggested that Smenkhkare was in fact Nefertiti under a different name, and this is bolstered by the discovery that Smenkhkare also took the title Neferneferuaten.Other TheoriesAs if controversy over his wife, his sexuality and/or his successor were not enough, Akhenaten has also had to suffer modern debates over his health and faith. Depictions of him have led some to conclude that he was hydrocephalic5 or hermaphroditic, and they point to illustrations of the pharaoh vomiting as further evidence of a medical condition.

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