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In fact, the major purveyors of media and hardware seem to want to create little islands of media in your home, with no easy way of being able to move around or use the content that you buy in a universal way. The studios and music industry have instilled a paranoia in the delivery and hardware business that seems to rival the McCarthy era. Toss in competing standards for codecs and delivery vehicles and you have an excellent recipe for what Dave Salvator likes to call the of digital media.

This is also a subtle manifestation of the instinct of survival: at the moment when everyone feels completely happy, no one will dare to do anything different and the world will stop evolving. Therefore, both on the physical plane (eating, making love) and on the emotional plane (always wanting something we do not have), the evolution of humanity has dictated one important and fundamental rule: happiness cannot last. It will always be made of moments, so we can never get comfortable in an armchair and just contemplate the world..

Hood says he wants to expand Medicaid. He says he wants to put more money into fixing roads and bridges, but he has not specified a funding plan. Hood also says he wants to reduce Mississippi’s 7% grocery tax at least cutting it in half and possibly eliminating it altogether..

1850’sIgnaz Semmelweis, an Austrian Hungarian obstetrician working in a clinic that delivers babies, is labeled “insane” by his fellow doctors for having the audacity to suggest that doctors should wash their hands between delivering babies. He’s fired from his job, ostracized by the medical community and later dies in an insane asylum and is only vindicated long after his death when it is realized that, indeed, infections are spread from one patient to another by physicians who are too lazy, stubborn or egoistic to simply wash their hands. (A lack of hand washing continues to be the primary reason why MRSA and other superbugs are spread in hospitals today.).

While he had trouble starting out in the when big department stores were less successful, he has made his name a timeless American fashion staple. In 2003, fashion financiers Lawrence Stroll and Silas Chou, who planned to make him a million dollar brand, acquired his line. His accessories and fragrances were quite successful, but his menswear and lower priced lines were not a hit.

And despite their business ambitions, they sound a little like that too. (The brothers quit eating meat two years ago after watching the 2005 documentary Earthlings. Is the root of all evil in the world, people eating animals, Ilja says at breakfast one morning, over beets and blintzes.).

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