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E., Henrissat, B., Davies, G. J., Brumer, H., Rand, K. Wilson, K. The realm of fine dining also brings up the issue of “approachability”. You may have been wondering about that one. In my opinion a restaurant should want me to come into their restaurant for dinner.

This sounds purely theoretical, but this is actually going to happen over at Mars. Its largest moon Phobos orbits more quickly than a Martian day, which means that it’s drifting closer and closer to the planet. In a few million years, it’ll cross the Roche Limit, tear into a ring, and then all the pieces of the former Phobos will crash down onto Mars.

The load bearing capacity of Glued in Rods (GiR) is significantly influenced by the temperature of the adhesive. This paper presents an experimental program for GiR inserted to both laminated and solid timber elements, when were subjected to elevated temperatures. Twenty four wood specimens with a single 8mm rod glued parallel to the grain were tested to evaluate the effect of elevated temperatures on GiR performance.

And yet, four minutes after I get the e mail from Alternet alerting me to the Republican controlled House’s passage of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood of federal money, I get an e mail from a conservative tea partier friend of mine celebrating this politically motivated budget reduction initiative. An initiative that most certainly will fail in the Senate, but will provide Republicans with some red meat for the upcoming elections. (Remember when tea partiers claimed that they weren’t Republicans?).

That is because the nuke stans are pumping a tech that doesn exist while simultaneously shitting on wind, solar and battery because “it not ready”. Nuclear technology that doesn exist (outside of former experimental labs) such as MSR reactors may never be feasible, perhaps due to corrosion issues. Both competing technologies need to be tested on a large scale.

That’s more than the IEC’s attorney, Jane Feldman of Denver, is being paid, which is $225 per hour, according to a city spokeswoman. Initially, Feldman’s contract was for fees not to exceed $6,000. But as of June 3, she had fees totaling $6,277.50, prompting the contract to be amended to a not to exceed figure of $12,000..

Media and fans aren the only ones who have argued that the NFL system is broken. Brandon Meriweather was recently suspended two games for his helmet to helmet hit on Ravens receiver Torrey Smith in a preseason game. But given the heated debate about the league policies, its handling of the Rice ordeal and the number of suspensions doled out over the last few months, we decided to scour various reports and NFL tracking sites to compile all the bans that were handed down by the league since the Super Bowl in February to see how they stack up.

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