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Thus, there almost no scenario in which Japan, Tepco or anybody in the world figures out how to clean up the wreckage, reclaim the melting fuel rods and reestablish control over the nuclear reactions that are still ongoing.You can even successfully build a containment vessel on top of it all because the melting nuclear fuel has already burned a massive hole in the floor and is melting its way into the ground water.also said image analysis had revealed a hole in metal grating beneath the same reactor’s pressure vessel, reports The Guardian. One metre wide hole was probably created by nuclear fuel that melted and then penetrated the vessel after the tsunami knocked out Fukushima Daiichi’s back up cooling system. Ya think? I love how Tepco and the world excuse making media has been lying about Fukushima for so long that the truth still manages to escape them.

Web sites like this one, publications like the Wall Street Journal and actions by Attorneys General and the Justice Department are now hammering the pharmaceutical industry hard, and what we’re seeing now is just the beginning. These drug companies are going to get hit so hard by claims of damage, lawsuits and the leaking of insider information that we’re going to see a massive market devaluation of these companies. If you stay invested, you’re throwing your money down the toilet and investing in an industry of destruction and suffering..

Feel really blessed. Anytime I think extensively about being in the category and (anything) Grammy wise, I start tearing up, said Fuller, this time smiling ear to ear with light tears of joy in her eyes. Really a dream come true. I. J. Hopkinson, A.

Universal’s monster movies may be slow and theatrical. But just as today’s White Claw guzzler is tomorrow’s finicky martini sipper, the darkness and stillness of these films will one day lure new fans away from gory pop ups. On the screen of the nearly century old Stanford Theater, they still have the power of nightmares.

A Bangladeshi woman Ishrat Akhond was also among the dead. She had been holding a dinner meeting with Italian businessmen when she was killed in the siege, according to three of her friends who did want to be named for fear of reprisal. One told The Associated Press, was such a loving person, such a good friend.

Stan was married four times and had one daughter Lois Jr, born in 1927. The 1930s saw him perpetually unhappy at home and found reasons not to be there. Already a workaholic, he threw himself further into the workings of the studio or indulged in his favourite pastime of salmon fishing.

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