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And Linden Vrnle, M. And Lpez Caniego, M. And Maggio, G. Social learning has allowed humans to build up extensive cultural repertoires, enabling them to adapt to a wide variety of environmental and social conditions. However, it is unclear which social learning strategies people use, especially in social contexts where their payoffs dependon the behaviour of others. Here we show experimentally that individuals differ in their social learning strategies and that they tend to employ the same learning strategy irrespective of the interaction context.

All pet foods that are naturally preserved begin to lose their nutritional value almost immediately after they are made. This is the drawback to natural preservatives (but the Only drawback is you Only want naturally preserved pet foods and treats for your pet). So the challenge is to find a pet food that is very fresh.

However, this dry tolerance TM hypothesis has yet to be adequately tested at large spatial and taxonomic scales. Here, using a dataset of 531 inventory plots of closed canopy forest distributed across the Western Neotropics we investigated how precipitation, evaluated both as mean annual precipitation and as the maximum climatological water deficit, influences the distribution of tropical tree species, genera and families. We find that the distributions of tree taxa are indeed nested along precipitation gradients in the western Neotropics.

Comparisons between climate proxies and instrumental records through the last two centuries are often used to understand better the controls on palaeoarchives and to find relationships that can be used to quantify changes in pre instrumental climate. Here we compare an 80 year long annually resolved oxygen isotope record from Nar Gl, Turkey, a varved lake sequence, with instrumental records of temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity and calculated values of evaporation, all of which are known to be possible controls on lake oxygen isotope systems. Significant relationships are found between the isotope record and summer temperatures and evaporation suggesting these are dominant controls on the isotope hydrology of this non outlet lake.

Formore on all of these stories, check out tonight’s episode of “Capital Tonight.” On our show tonight, we take a look at the state changing economy this week theme here on Time Warner Cable News as part of our month long series, Texas. Our guest will be Erica Grieder, senior editor at Texas Monthly and former correspondent for the Economist, who also wrote a book that considers what America can learn from Texas. On Time Warner Cable News..

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