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Unlike BrO, which increases from the convective tropical tropopause layer (TTL) to the aged TTL, gas phase Bry decreases from the convective TTL to the aged TTL. Analysis of gas phase Bry against multiple tracers (CFC 11, H2O O3 ratio, and potential temperature) reveals a Bry minimum of 2.7 ppt (2.3 3.1 ppt; 95 % CI) in the aged TTL, which agrees closely with a stratospheric injection of 2.6 0.6 ppt of inorganic Bry (estimated from CFC 11 correlations), and is remarkably insensitive to assumptions about heterogeneous chemistry. Bry increases to 6.3 ppt (5.6 7.0 ppt; 95 % CI) in the stratospheric “middleworld” and 6.9 ppt (6.5 7.3 ppt; 95 % CI) in the stratospheric “overworld”.

It’s great for keeping your head clear during the night. Smells nice, too. And it works well if you put it in the bath.. The danger lies in the fact that the height of a sport utility vehicle makes the point of impact at a pedestrian’s upper body or head rather than the knees. Additionally, if a car hits a pedestrian or a cyclist, they can be thrown onto the hood of the car, which is relatively soft; an SUV is too tall for this to happen. An SUV’s size also limits the driver’s visibility of the area surrounding the vehicle, especially the back.

More than seven children each day. Numbers of accidental poisonings skyrocketed because of the explosive popularity of e cigarettes, Smith said. Adults doubled between 2010 and 2013, and tripled among high school students from 2013 to 2014. Work on the site will be performed by Minera y Montajes Conpax (known as Conpax), an engineering services company that has previously performed site work for other observatories in Chile. Using a combination of hydraulic drilling and hammering, the excavation work is expected to take about five months to complete. The GMT is expected to see first light as early as 2024..

FIRST PHOTO: Runners take off from the starting line in Saturday Xterra Hula Grill 5K Trail Run Benjamin Auerbach of Kaanapali repeated as the winner with a record time of 18 minutes, 56 seconds. Two of the day other top finishers were also champions last year Seabury Hall student Dakota Grossman of Haiku, who won the female 5K for the fourth time, in 21:42, a day after claiming a fourth state cross country title, and Willie Schefer of Kihei, who won the Duke Beach House 10K in 38:22. The only new winner was Emilie Menuet from France, who was the top female in the 10K, in 46:42.

This administered a drug called Venom, which was responsible for his superhuman strength, along with providing superhuman regeneration. He later stops taking Venom, as it’s highly addictive, and he attributes some of his defeats to its influence. After freeing himself from Venom, he becomes a bit more of an anti hero instead of a straight villain that he was in his initial appearances.

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“Dare” votes are not just the province of Republicans. When Democrats controlled the House, they knew they had enough votes under the regular rules to approve a bill to expand the access of children to health care coverage (known as SCHIP). But, in an effort to “dare” reluctant Republicans to vote against the measure, Democrats trotted the bill out under suspension of the rules.

We identified genetic variation in plasticity, with genetic correlations between boldness, sociality, and antipredator morphology, as expected, being tighter within treatments than across them, for both of two populations. By contrast, genetic correlations did not tighten with exposure to risk. Tighter phenotypic correlations in wild stickleback may thus arise because predators induce correlational selection on environmental components of these traits, or because predators tighten residual correlations by causing environmental heterogeneity that is controlled in the laboratory.

They show us the most important love. We appreciate them as a fan base. We love everything there about them and we appreciate the support that they give us individually and as an organization.”. Though drillers operating on public lands have in recent years fracked extensively, pumping a cocktail of water and chemicals into wells at high pressure to fracture rock formations and free trapped fuel, the Interior Department has not updated its rules in decades. So President Barack Obama’s Interior Department spent several years developing new regulations, ultimately releasing them in 2015, well into Obama’s second term. The lengthy process resulted in standards that struck a thoughtful balance between economic opportunity and environmental safety..

That’s probably what endears him to Dr. James Dobson, founder of the socially conservative church, Focus on the Family. Dobson is apparently so fond of Moore that he released an ad for television and radio endorsing him for Senate. President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan has launched a worldwide e campaign, an international project, called ATOM (Abolish Testing. Our Mission), calling on world leaders to end nuclear tests, once and for all. To draw attention to the campaign, Karpek Kuyukov, the Goodwill Ambassador of the ATOM project, himself a victim of nuclear radiation, has travelled from Kazakhstan and is here in New York to share his life experiences with us..

This proof of concept study explores the relationships between childhood malnutrition (more specifically stunting), regional agricultural yields, and climate variable through the use of remote sensing (RS) satellite imaging along with algorithms to predict the effect of climate variability on agricultural yields and on malnutrition of children under 5. The success of this proof of purpose study, NUTRItion and CLIMate (NUTRICLIM), should encourage researchers to apply both concept and tools to study of the link between weather variability, crop yield, and malnutrition on a larger scale. It would also allow for linking such micro level data to climate models and address the challenge of projecting the additional impact of childhood malnutrition from climate change to various policy relevant time horizons..

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It also asks the question: how different are artists from scientists and engineers?Additional Information:This paper describes work which emerged through a need to understand more about the potential of laser surface engineering for use in the creative industries. The method of creation of contemporary jewellery pieces and the resultant ‘Ocular’ jewellery series are described from the points of view of an artist and an engineer. The work demonstrates how laser controlled oxide growth on commercially pure titanium under ambient conditions can be used as an artistic tool by producing even, defined colours or by reproducing a simulation of freehand drawings on a titanium surface..

MenuFILE In this May 23, 2014, file photo, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, right, speaks alongside his wife, Janay, during a news conference, Friday, May 23, in Owings Mills, Md. Rice two game suspension for domestic violence begins Saturday, a punishment handed down after grainy video showed him dragging his then fiancee off a casino elevator unconscious Feb. 15.

He works very hard off the ball, has got stronger and can kick points off either foot. There are times when he could lay it off and set up goals. Just as well for opponents he normally just takes points.. This study compared the predicted identification by commonly used phenotyping kits (API20E and ID32E) for over 240 strains of Cronobacter from diverse sources, which had been identified using DNA sequence analysis. In 2015, the databases associated with the API20E and ID32E biochemical test panels were updated, including the recognition of the Cronobacter genus. Thus, the identifications from multiple versions the databases were compared to each other and toidentifications based on DNA sequencing methods.

La professionnelle de 45 ans touche un salaire de 72 300$. Elle a accumul 7100$ dans le rgime de retraite de son employeur et elle dtient 9775$ en REER. Je n’ai pratiquement aucun actif, dplore t elle. The others, about a third, see the remaining patients and stations. Results for these are based on all the data. Reliability was calculated using generalisability theory and practicability in terms of financial resources.

Here we review the structural and enzymological properties of NQO1, as well as its roles in cancer development and treatment. Particularly, we focus in recent developments on the understanding of the molecular basis leading to loss of function in cancer associated polymorphisms, and propose new approaches to target these molecular defects to develop new pharmacological agents to rescue them. We will focus on pharmacological therapies aimed at correcting the abnormal properties of polymorphic proteins (such as protein stability and dynamics) and modulating intracellular factors leading to loss of function (such as accelerated proteasomal degradation)..

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What does all this add up to? It’s Big Pharma as usual, folks: distorted clinical studies, lying to consumers, threatening critics, burying negative evidence and all the while heavily promoting the drug to physicians and consumers. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about all along. These companies are knowingly harming patients just so they can keep selling dangerous drugs to a population that’s generally too uninformed to know any better.

Many studies have investigated people’s risky password management behaviour, including reusing passwords, writing them down, and sharing them with others. However most studies provide limited information about the demographics of their participants. There may be substantial differences in password management behaviour between younger and older people, as they represent very different generations with different experiences of the Internet, and investigation of these differences could be a first step to helping people manage their passwords more appropriately.

He’s been pretty much outside the numbers his whole career, even in college. Now to move him all over, it’s new for him, its trial and error, but what I like about Marquise is he’s not embarrassed if he’s not used to something. He goes out there, puts it all out there.

Archived from the original on June 14, 2009. Retrieved February 12, 2010.^ Bill Graves (January 23, 2010). “Oregon university presidents take pay cuts”. Barry and Ian scored three shots to two over the final three ends for a good win. Ends went to Bob and Jim 12 9. Game 2 Ron Camby and Allan Clark 14 lost to Bob Lindsay and Denis Oxley 24.

Much like Jupiter, Saturn’s weather systems are known for being particularly extreme, giving rise to features that can be seen from great distances. The gas giant is also known to contain heavier elements, though the proportions of these relative to hydrogen and helium is not known. It is assumed that they would match the primordial abundance from the formation of the Solar System..

It removes dirt, dead cells and bacteria from the skin surface and provides a healthy and glowing skin. Abundance of cleansers is available today for different skin types. Select a gentle cleanser or an effective face wash instead of soap because soap can be harmful for the skin as soaps remove the moisture from the skin and changes its pH.

Many researchers equate the development of Chinese product innovation capabilities to Japanese and South Korean’s development paths, that is, from imitation to innovation. Nonetheless, today many Chinese products have competed successfully in the global markets in terms of speed, cost, quality, and innovativeness. China’s product innovation performance has gained the world’s recognition.

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Is the biggest month and our biggest month, Silver said. Can really make connections with coaches for kids and lay the groundwork for September and into regular season for the kids to get offered scholarships at the right level. It great how we can help any kid at any level.

Now, what if there were a way to let the air move from high to low without the coriolis effect standing in its way? A tunnel from the outside edge to the eye could do this. The air would still try to turn on its way through the tunnel, but the walls would get in the way and force the air to move along the path of the tunnel. This would allow the pressures to equalize without the resulting massive spiral of fast moving, destructive winds.

“Tanks. Airplane. Niagara Falls. So anyone who obeyed the census and revealed “Japanese” as their ancestry on the census forms received a visit by an armed squad of government kidnappers who forced you and your family into a concentration camp (“war relocation camp”). Census Bureau vigorously denied its involvement in the government kidnappings, staging a multi decade cover up.Documents found by two historians in Commerce Department archives and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library confirm for the first time that the bureau shared details about individual Japanese Americans after Japan’s Dec.

Earth’s gravity is also responsible for our planet having an “escape velocity” of 11.186km/s (or 6.951mi/s). Essentially, this means that a rocket needs to achieve this speed before it can hope to break free of Earth’s gravity and reach space. And with most rocket launches, the majority of their thrust is dedicated to this task alone..

All the houses looked pretty much the same, inside and out, dark and gloomy. They all had two or three bedrooms, two living rooms down stairs, no bathroom and no inside toilet. One living room, the front one, as you entered the front door, was kept for best and for entertaining guests.

In the same vein, Seamless draws on humor to cleverly appeal to the intellect of the well educated professionals. More so than other generational groups, the young adult consumers living in urban areas have “higher levels of education, wider access to cultural institutions, and higher income” on average (Leiss 519 520). Therefore, they appreciate when advertisers acknowledge that they are too smart to fall into the traditional trappings of commercialism.

Unofficially as of Friday night, Liberty Benton will play next week at Eastwood (10 0) in a Division V, Region 18 quarterfinal. McComb, in Division VII, Region 26, will have a home game next week but must wait for the results of tonight Norwalk St. Paul game to find out its Week 11 opponent..

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The whole business is fairly chaotic, but undoubtedly more engaging and exciting than most food experiences. Some folks will surely love the energy others will hate the wait, bustling counter and process of trying to assemble the correct amount of food for a party based off poundage. (We’re used to thinking in terms of more organized plates.).

It not very hard to understand. Atheletes getting paid less would only occur if they started getting even more screwed financially than they already do (which, believe it or not, and I know you won they do considerably). Many athletes absolutely should be getting paid EVEN more than they already do, because of just how valuable they are and how much revenue they generate.

The Franciscans tried to settle with one of La Jarvis’s cousins, Joshua K. Love, by offering to pay him up to $10,000 to cover the cost of a used car, maintenance and insurance. Joshua, who has limited reading and writing skills, rejected the offer but later signed a confidential agreement for $15,000 something he now regrets..

And then, the day after the whistleblower report was released, The New York Times reported that Trump met with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to discuss possible financial support for Trump’s political defense. The Times says it was not clear who raised the issue of money, but, in promising support, LaPierre asked Trump to “stop the games” on any new gun control legislation. Maybe the lack of agreement isn’t, as the White House has charged, Pelosi’s fault..

The Hunger Games is coming true in America todayWhen watching the Hunger Games, you can’t help but think about the recent armed raids on Rawesome Foods in California. There, armed government thugs confiscated and destroyed $50,000 worth of food and poured gallons of raw milk down the drain even while a food bank that could have used all that food was right next door. One of the most powerful strategies for total government domination is to deny people access to real food.

Worth to attend.Guests enjoyed a buffet that included all of Morton signature dishes: freshly shucked oysters, giant prawns, sliced filet mignon fresh from the grill. Jordan, Opus One and other top shelf wines, courtesy of Republic National Distributing, also were poured.A live auction featured items unique to the local fund raising scene.Dinner with Guys, snapped by by Curtis Frank, was a package that included dinner you and seven others in the Morton Boardroom with Champ Bailey and Domonique Foxworth. John Lynch and Hamza Abdullah were high bidders fon two four course Morton dinners for six, prepared by Chef Eric Pruitt at the winner home and served by Morton staff.Janco Partners chief executive Jan Helen will be enjoying A Foursome with 47: a round of golf at the private Sanctuary course with Pro Bowl Safety John Lynch.The Darrent Williams Memorial Teen Center opened May 29 at the Denver Broncos Boys Girls Club in Denver Montbello neighborhood.

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6. Routine, routine, routine. Kids love it, they thrive on it, and it works. It’s a company driven by a man with a genuine desire and a personal mission to do good out there. I strongly support Jordan’s vision and his company. I think he’s doing tremendous good..

Mr. Weissmann was one of a number of Democratic Party aligned lawyers recruited by Mr. Mueller.. Because it was more popular, Psycho had a greater influence on future films than Peeping Tom. It also spawned many cash in sequels, none of which were directed by Hitchcock but did star Perkins once again as Bates. It will be remembered as the classic horror thriller that transformed horror from unconvincing scenarios and characters to real world locations, with monsters with almost supernatural qualities such as Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s Halloween..

Please remember, just because other member’s comments are snarky or are in disagreement with your stance does not mean they are necessarily harassing or bullying you. Being that this board is designed for debates, if you post something of a sensitive or personal nature, you run the risk of members debating your circumstance, even if it is labeled “NAD”. You are welcome to create a DML (debate my life), just know that anything you say can, and likely will, be heavily questioned.

Touch started in Australia in the early 1960s as a social or “park” game and as a training technique for rugby league. It was not then viewed as a sport in its own right. It was formalized into a sport proper by the “Founders of Touch”, Bob Dyke and Ray Vawdon of the South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club.

In classical mythology, Corvus represents the Raven, and is both a charming and sad tale. Legend tells us that the constellation of Crater is the cup of the gods. This cup belonged to the god of the skies himself, the venerable archer god Apollo. The aim of this thesis is to review, discuss and compare the different bridge buffeting simulation approaches in the frequency domain and find the possibility of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) method application in bridge buffeting prediction.In this thesis, the conventional bridge buffeting statistical analysis methods considering the influence of different parameters such as mode coupling, self excited forces and aerodynamic admittance on the simulation results are firstly reviewed and compared. Since wind turbulence may not excite all structural vibration modes in some frequency ranges, an alternative approach based on the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) is proposed to study the effective turbulence contribution to the structural vibration. However due to the complexity of turbulence, quasi steady theory is widely adopted and some semi empirical functions such as aerodynamic admittance, joint acceptance are introduced to simplify the simulation.With the development of CFD method, CFD simulation of bridge aerodynamic phenomena has become possible.

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Revelation 10 occurs just before the sounding of the 7th trumpet, and is a very curious chapter; John sees an angel come down from heaven with a little book, and the angel cries (like a roar) what is called the 7 thunders. John is about to write down what the 7 thunders said, however, John hears a voice from heaven telling him not to write down what the 7 thunders uttered. Now, this is just my speculation, but I believe that what the 7 thunders uttered concerns the fates of the 7 continents that we just so happen to have here on our earth.

Taking a problematic user experience with ubiquitous annotation as its point of departure, this thesis defines and explores the design space for Social Object Labels (SOLs), small interactive displays aiming to support users’ in situ engagement with digital annotations of physical objects and places by providing up to date information before, during and after interaction.While the concept of ubiquitous annotation has potential applications in a wide range of domains, the research focuses in particular on SOLs in a museum context, where they can support the institution’s educational goals by engaging visitors in the interpretation of exhibits and providing a platform for public discourse to complement official interpretations provided on traditional object labels.The thesis defines and structures the design space for SOLs, investigates how they can support social interpretation in museums and develops empirically validated design recommendations. Reflecting the developmental character of the research, it employs Design Research as a methodological framework, which involves the iterative development and evaluation of design artefacts together with users and other stakeholders.The research identifies the particular characteristics of SOLs and structures their design space into ten high level aspects, synthesised from taxonomies and heuristics for similar display concepts and complemented with aspects emerging from the iterative design and evaluation of prototypes. It presents findings from a survey exploring visitors’ mental models, preferences and expectations of commenting in museums and translates them into requirements for SOLs.

While some accounts were characterised by contradictions, MBT psychoeducation was generally viewed as a challenging but predominantly beneficial experience. Three main themes emerged, comprising eight sub themes. These highlighted individuals’ attempts to manage complex group processes, strategies for personalising knowledge, and the power and fear of increased self reflection.

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USER GENERATED CONTENT: SUBMISSIONS INCLUDING COMMENTS, PHOTOS, CONTEST ENTRIES AND MORE3.1 You shall not upload to, or distribute or otherwise publish on to the Services any libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or otherwise illegal material. Be courteous. You agree that you will not threaten or verbally abuse other Members, use defamatory language, or deliberately disrupt discussions with repetitive messages, meaningless messages or “spam.”Use respectful language.

While the photograph and email interventions were ineffective, pre calling participants reduced time to completion. This strategy might be helpful when the timing of study completion is important. Researchers perceived a substantial benefit from the reduction in reminders with pre calling, despite no overall decrease in net effort after accounting for pre notification..

The council initiates and sets guidelines and standards in giving certification on looking after the issues on environmental performance, social aspects, labour, human rights and business ethics. We too can help in cleaning up the gold and diamond jewellery industry by not buying from jewellers who patronise dirty gold and blood diamonds mining. It is our own small way to make a big contribution in improving the quality of the gold and diamond jewellery industry and the lives behind the dazzling and shimmering gold, silver and diamond jewellery that you wear..

Harper took Philie offer and never gave the Giants a chance to counter. Then you state the obviousness of needing to do something about Bumgarner and Posey. The best bet at the beginning of the season was to try to showcase Bumgarner to trade him at the deadline where the Giants would get more value.

We have written many articles about years on other planets here at Universe Today. Here’s The Orbit of the Planets. How Long Is A Year On The Other Planets?, The Orbit of Earth. We will then focus our study to see how these results differ for different demographic variables such as age, location to the sea, beach usage, and income along. To do this we will use multi logit and co logit regressions to find the willingness of people to pay based on these different demographic variables.The sustainable seafood choice experiment is a co discipline study run by Tierney Dodge (Environmental Studies), along with Jesse Coulon and Dylan Cowly (Economics). The purpose of the study is to better understand how sustainable seafood labeling is correlated with accepting higher prices at restaurants.

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But in overtime, he blindly rushed up field and allowed Colts backup running back Marlon Mack to bounce to the outside and run 35 yards untouched. When the 49ers finally tackled him, he was in field goal range. The Niners should bench Armstead and make Elvis Dumervil a starter.

A., Noble, M., Pannu, N. S., Roth, C., Sheldrick, G. M., Skubak, P., Turkenburg, J., Uski, V. And Cresci, G. And Cristiani, S. And Curtis Lake, E. The NIF was built to run experiments and tests on material at exceedingly high temperatures. One of the main missions is to examine the physics of nuclear materials under the temperatures generated inside a nuclear explosive in its first millionth of a second. There are other fusion spin offs and the like..

Trouvez la zone de votre corps o tout va bien et respirez dans cet espace. La belle leon! J’coute toujours avec beaucoup d’attention les enseignements des professeurs de yoga. La semaine dernire, au Moksha, j’ai appris que plutt que de respirer dans la douleur, respirer dans une zone de notre corps o on se sent parfaitement bien peut nous aider dnouer d’autres rgions plus tendues.

We don even take care of our planet, or any of the other species that reside here with us. It my opinion that we should keep our mouths shut until we have something important to say like we have overcome our differences and errors in judgement, and now have reached a point where we can live in peace with ourselves. Maybe then, some one else will listen to what we have to say.

A., Taylor, R. J. K. New research suggests that planting forage radish in the fall can result in a better yield next season, reduce unwanted weeds and even help revitalize the soil come spring. Scientists from the University of Maryland found that in “no till, no fertilizer, and no herbicide farms, plots that grew forage radishes in the fall had a better yield of spinach in the spring versus plots that used an oat cover crop or had no cover crop,” according to a report by Rodale News.In a trial funded by Sustainable Agriculture Research Education (SARE), organic spinach planted after the use of forage radish yielded 17,000 pounds per acre worth $34,000 at $2 per pound. Raised without tilling or fertilizer, the crop was “Not a whole lot of work,” according to University of Maryland soil scientist Ray Weil, who conducted the research with graduate student Natalie Lounsbury.Forage radish fights weeds and increases plant’s ability to extract nutrients from deep within the ground, study findsBased on the study’s results, scientists conclude that forage radish could be a promising alternative to tillage, a time consuming weed control process that involves loosening compacted soil to prepare beds before planting.