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Per the discussion in Wikiquote:Votes for deletion/Definitions of love in recordings and Wikiquote:Votes for deletion/Definitions of hell in recordings, I have deleted eight other pages created by User:Risto hot sir with the same format for other subjects (life, death, war, home, God, etc.). I believe it would waste the community’s time to relitigate the same scope issue for each. BD2412 T 05:43, 4 March 2017 (UTC).

Just those events. No others. And if they crash and damage their car or injure or heaven forbid kill someone else, I don want the vehicle driver to take any responsibility. J., Hausladen, P., Hirose, K., Hofmann, S., Ikezoe, H., Jenkins, D. G., Kindler, B., Lguillon, R., Lommel, B., Makii, H., Mazzocchi, C., Nishio, K. 10 othersParkhurst, P., Paulauskas, S.

I was shocked to hear your comments on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. First of all, the new congresswoman who made most is AOC While views are considered radical by many including you, she simply highlights a deep social which is ruining the economic structure of our economy. A treaty which is considered as in the interest of US by most experts was almost sabotaged by AIPAC.

And Reischl, E. And Leedman, P. J. One of the main problems support groups encounter is getting people to engage. A life spent in rural outposts can often leave the human condition with fixed ideas about privacy. Living without much human contact can also mean that the effort required to engage is all the more serious, and beyond the will of many.

Christie conditionally vetoed it, saying it would be too expensive. The governor says Mount Laurel has such a program but it is funded through a foundation. His conditional veto would allow towns and counties to set them up. He said: “It’s great to win down here. I’ve just made the point to the players (that) it was a great squad effort. There was a lot thrown at us today we changed the formation three times, we had only two fit players on the bench and we’ve had a young player (McCallum) finish the game injured..

But having candidates is not enough ! They must be confirmed and further studied with ground based telescopes. In tandem with XMM Newton, Pierre uses the very wide field imager attached to the 4 m Canada France Hawaii Telescope, on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, to take an optical snapshot of the same region of space. A tailor made computer programme then combs the XMM Newton data looking for concentrations of X rays that suggest large, extended structures.

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And Shaw, Dominick E. Recent evidence demonstrates that not all patients with asthma have a typical type 2 (T2) driven eosinophilic inflammation. These asthmatics have been called T2 low asthma TM and have a minimal response to corticosteroid therapy.

We estimated mean differences (MD) where studies used the same continuous measures and standardised mean differences (SMD) where different measures or different formats of the same measure were used. Where possible, we performed various, usually prespecified, sensitivity and subgroup analyses.Main results: We included 30 studies, which evaluated 3D exercise (Tai Chi and yoga), balance training or strength and resistance training. Two of these were cluster randomised trials, two were cross over trials and one was quasi randomised.

A storm subsiding? The followup view a few days later on April 5th. Juno also wraps up its mission at Jupiter (pending extension) this year, and New Horizons visits its final destination Ultima Thule (ne 2014 MU69) on New Year’s Day 2019, though it’ll likely continue to chronicle its journey through the outer realms of the solar system, much like the Voyager 1, 2 and Pioneer 10, 11 missions, also bound to orbit the galaxy, mute testaments to human civilization. But even though proposals for Europa Clipper, a nuclear powered quad copter for Saturn’s moon Titan, and a Uranus and/or Neptune Orbiter are all on the drawing board, the “gap decade” of outer solar system exploration will indeed come to pass and soon..

Also, through the site you may be introduced to, or be able to access, information, Web sites, advertisements, features, contests or sweepstakes offered by other parties. LIM is not responsible for the actions or policies of such third parties. You should check the applicable privacy policies of those third parties when providing information on a feature or page which is actually operated by a third party.

Charles files a charge with the EEOC alleging DBD’s policy has a disparate impact based on race and is not job related. Because Charles has a record of trustworthiness, the EEOC probably will take the position that the once targeted exclusion is not job related and consistent with business necessity. As with the prior examples, we can anticipate that, regardless of what a court ultimately concludes, the EEOC probably will determine there is a disparate impact based on race and the policy is not job related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity..

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Do the same thing with the dyes too. Add some red dye 40 to the sugar cubes on a different day after the first sugar gets out of there system. None of them would object to eating sugar cubes.. And Hivon, E. And Huang, Z. And Keihnen, E. If you got 60% of the population, the word does not apply. It victimhood language, and not even linguistically accurate.I can believe the Post editorial workers, presumably made up of word people, don get this. Call a spade a spade, a hoe a hoe (and no, I not being provacative here, just asking that we label tools properly.

Jon Moyle, attorney for four youngsters with heart ailments, said Thursday that in the wake of his challenge being dismissed, he and his clients are the order and reviewing legal options. Largely procedural fight drew heightened attention in the wake of CNN reporting last summer that nine infants with congenital heart defects died since 2011 at the now closed St. Mary’s Medical Center pediatric heart surgery unit in West Palm Beach..

La firme d’ingnierie saguenenne Cegertec a d licencier 75 employs il y a deux semaines en raison des dboires de RTA. Ce qui a amen son prsident, Jeannot Harvey, faire toute une monte de lait en entrevue au Quotidien. Il a dnonc le rachat d’Alcan par Rio Tinto, qui est venu selon lui enlever toute flexibilit l’entreprise en l’alourdissant d’une imposante dette de 39 milliards..

Has been tweeting that for hours now since last night, user christopha710 posted on Sony PlayStation 4 support forum. Getting rid of this piece of trash and going back too [sic] pc gaming not cool, allenjaelee said late Friday morning. Tried so many times and am unable to play.

If they in a verifiable way gave up their nuclear program the sanctions would be relieved if the people of North Korea turn on their dictator. That’s his problem not ours. The bottom line here is the worst mistake North Korea can make right is to actually sit down with Donald Trump play the game of talking and go back to the old way of doing business, say one thing at the table do another thing not really give up your nukes, play Donald Trump.

The high court’s decision to block the Texas execution came just weeks after it decided differently in a similar death row appeal out of Alabama. Domineque Ray, the Alabama inmate, appealed to stop his execution after he was told he could not have a Muslim spiritual adviser in the chamber with him. The high court rejected his appeal, citing the late timing of his filing, and he was executed in February..

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And so I believe to day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord. I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. Officials have recently unveiled several ambitious proposals befitting Austin’s progressive reputation. A modern transit system, possibly with light rail lines, that could cost upwards of $10.5 billion to build. A $250 million to $300 million investment in much needed affordable housing.

If you think it sounds hard to get grants, you are right; be prepared to spend a lot of time searching for and applying for them and you just might gain the reward of free flight training. Students can apply for government grants if they attend an accredited university that accepts government student financial aid. These are the same grants, such as the Pell grant, that are offered to other types of college students.

There are two fundamental differences between smartphones and tablets: size and weight. A smartphone is small, pocketable, and light enough to be wielded by anyone over the age of two. A tablet, by virtue of being large enough to display magazine like content, is always going to be heavier, suck up more energy, and require a separate shoulder carried bag (or dungarees with a large, kangaroo like pocket)..

The findings explain that guanxi between organisational partners improves the positive effect of green and lean practice on organisational performance. The results of this paper offer helpful insights into how managers should enhance their guanxi initiatives, in order to improve environmental and business performance over their supply chains. The paper also suggests the limitations of this research, as well as directions for future research..

Live it, Love it! myGC is an online go to for the Gold Coast. Along with our radio station 1029 Hot Tomato, we are at the heart of the GC community. While Hot Tomato is what you listen to on the Coast, myGC brings the Coast to life with breaking news, traffic and weather updates when you need them, sport, events, videos, photos, entertainment news and lifestyle content.

Jennings’ success this season is hard to ignore, though. Nobody in the top division of the County Championship has scored more runs he has made 1,522 at 69.18 or as many centuries (seven). Having just qualified for England (he is the son of Ray Jennings, the former South Africa wicketkeeper), he has made a compelling case for selection..

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And Hoffmann, Per and Kornhuber, Johannes and Lawlor, Brian and McQuillin, Andrew and Al Chalabi, Ammar and Bis, Joshua C and Ruiz, Agustin and Boada, Merc and Seshadri, Sudha and Beiser, Alexa and Rice, Kenneth and van der Lee, Sven J. And De Jager, Philip L. And Geschwind, Daniel H.

The driver, John Miller, 43, of Brookhaven, was charged with Burglary 3rd Degree, Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs 1st Degree, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 1st Degree. The passenger, Annette Bowers, 45, of Patchogue, was charged with Burglary 3rd Degree and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th Degree. Additional charges are pending.

Winton was charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Deago Brown in Binghampton last year, and was initially being held in the local Juvenile Detention Center. That all changed when prosecutors decided to charge her as an adult in the murder. She was 15 years old at the time..

Noble had moved to the US in 1934 and by the time he recorded he was firmly established in New York society. His instrumental recording of the song bounces along nicely enough but the sweet harmonies and understated rhythms are firmly in the symphonic jazz tradition. Only a year later, both the Count Basie Orchestra and Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra stripped the composition down to its essentials and beefed up the riffs and breaks.

First named plaintiff is Alex Montoya. He a congenital triple amputee resulting from birth defects that left him without both arms and one leg. He is fitted with prosthetics but finds it impossible to navigate the pedestrian paths littered with carelessly discarded scooters..

Somebody stubbed his toe, that can be a learning experience, Neal said. Are completely unconcerned about this and consider it part of a huge body of experience this man would bring to the commissioner job. Has been close to the reinsurance industry and, on balance, has been bad for policyholders, Neal said..

Watson/US Presswire)How did it all start? Several months ago when their backs were against the wall Mike Moser knew every game from that point was a dire situation to win. As a team, not individuals. A lot can be said for his leadership throughout this season, even though I may be the first to actually put it down in words.

When you can sit down and talk about exactly what you want, you can be sure that you and your photographer are going to be on the same page. A specialist roofer has seen and repaired every roofing problem over time, and places their knowledge and ability to work for you. We have life.

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Completed questionnaires were analysed for extreme responses, missing values, construct validity (factor analysis), convergent validity, divergent validity and reliability (internal consistency and temporal stability) and comparing responses according to age and gender.Results: Stroke (n =101) and healthy elderly participants (n=101) returned questionnaires. Eight items were removed that had extreme responses and large numbers of missing values. Six items had Item total correlations.

Results Reliability data for each PD was acceptable and alpha was .74 or above, with the exception of schizotypal PD (.63). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were conducted, with the former revealing a 4factor solution accounting for 58.9% of the variance, and a 2factor solution accounting for 37.2% of the variance emerging for the latter. The factors were orthogonal, and we called the first factor “avoidant/rumination/inhibited” and the second factor “acting out”..

To their surprise, the researchers discovered that two closely related transcription factors (chemicals that help regulate DNA expression) controlled the two parts of the innate immune response: IRF 3 activated the antibacterial response, and IRF 7 activated the inflammatory response. When researchers knocked out the former factor in infected mice, the mice became very ill. When they knocked out IRF 7, however, the mice’s immune systems seemed to kick into high gear, and they recovered significantly better than control mice..

Charles are putting out a warning about a scam involving a $100 bill. Two men just got caught allegedly pulling the scam over and over in the shopping district. It was the typical scene on Sunday, October 20. This is the most depressing situation for Altaf Hussain. One can have good or bad relations with the establishment and can have ups and down with other political parties, but if some of the important figures in the party starts leaving the party, blaming both Rabita Committee and Altaf Hussain policies, he himself considers it as a situation. Are important factors which led to the popularity of the party in early 80s, and Altaf Hussain became among the most popular leaders of the country.

M. And Perdereau, O. And Perotto, L. This field based study examined the abundance and species complement of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) attracted to humans at four sites in the United Kingdom (UK). The study used a systematic approach to directly measure feeding by mosquitoes on humans at multiple sites and using multiple volunteers. Collections commenced two hours prior to sunset and lasted for a total of four hours.

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For the finish I used a wood stain and I think finished it off with gun oil but I don’t quite remember. I didn’t want anything too fancy and wanted it to have a bit more of a raw wood feel. Looking at it now I think it’s aged very well. The very glitter that ignited and rained fire down upon the hundreds of youth attending the gay pride party was colored with the same hues as the rainbow. FACT: Many color pigment chemicals are made using metals which can ignite when dispersed into tiny particles and subjected to an ignition source. Magnesium shavings, for example, are a common ingredient in fire starting devices used by preppers.

BACKGROUND/AIMS:Genetic cell ablation using the human diphtheria toxin receptor (hDTR) is a new strategy used for analysing cellular function. Diphtheria toxin (DT) is a cytotoxic protein that leaves mouse cells relatively unaffected, but upon binding to hDTR it ultimately leads to cell death. We used a podocyte specific hDTR expressing (Pod DTR) mouse to assess the anti permeability and cyto protective effects of the splice isoform vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF A165b).METHODS:The Pod DTR mouse was crossed with a mouse that over expressed VEGF A165b specifically in the podocytes (Neph VEGF A165b).

The iconic animations produced by Canterbury based Smallfilms studio between 1958 1984, including Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, Pingwings, Pogles’ Wood, Clangers, and Bagpuss, amongst others, constitute a significant thread of British cultural history. Furthermore, a show like Clangers, which enjoyed a reboot in 2015 (BBC/NBC), confirms the lasting popular appeal of the story worlds and the animation aesthetics contained therein created by Smallfilms. However, these works are largely overlooked in the existing scholarly literature and are even less well known internationally.

EXPERIENCE: Played 12 seasons as American professional baseball pitcher in MLB for Buffalo Bisons, Providence Grays, Boston Beaneaters, Boston Reds and Cincinnati Reds. Inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939. Pitching deity; dapper gent. The drawbacks associated with chemical skin permeation enhancers such as skin irritation and toxicity necessitated the research to focus on potential permeation enhancers with a perceived lower toxicity. Crude palm oil (CPO) is obtained by direct compression of the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palm belonging to the genus Elaeis. In this research, CPO and tocotrienol rich fraction (TRF) of palm oil were evaluated for the first time as skin permeation enhancers using full thickness human skin.

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“Prime Day offers us a unique opportunity to thank Prime members with our best deals,” said Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer, Amazon, in a statement. “Extending Prime Day to a day and a half this year allowed us to further reward members with unbeatable deals, access to exclusive new products and unforgettable experiences that highlight the many benefits of a Prime membership. All of this was made possible because of our many valued associates the global team that continues to make Prime Day bigger and better.”.

The Glowing Eye of Planetary Nebula NGC 6751. Credit: NASA/Hubble Heritage Team/STScI/AURAThe constellation is also home to several Deep Sky Objects. Foremost amongst these is NGC 6751, a planetary nebula that is also known as the Glowing Eye. Au dbut des annes 90, il avait t chef de cabinet de Paul Martin. M. Labont est devenu un personnage public aprs son lection, en 2005, la mairie de l’arrondissement de Ville Marie.

In Greece, in England, in European countries, in America everywhere the ritual is differently held but the significance is nowhere less. Somewhere three inter woven ring is used, somewhere puzzle ring is used but the motto is the same. Now come to the topic of pattern and style of a wedding ring.

The most convincing idea I seen is actually from a Sci Fi ish Suspense and Political Intrigue novel, by Bill deSmedt (spelling?), proposed by a fictional scientist: a primordial black hole. There was an article within the last year I believe speculating that the impact was the result of a comet that bounced off the atmosphere and a piece of it subsequently broke off and caused this explosion. What makes more sense is that it was a comet fragment that had already detatched from it parent body long ago that hit the atmosphere, leaving out the part about a larger object glancing off since the larger body would have been detected.

That dying woman who once asked me to ‘hit a home run for her.’ I told her she was crazy. Sorry, mom. RIP. Ted even made copies of all Stew videos while Stew was falsely imprisoned and made money from them at patriot conventions to give him credibility! Ted didn expose ANYTHING that wasn already exposed. All he did was infiltrate, find out what people knew and then report back to the corrupt in government on how to deal with people. Stew and others in US Intel saw this first hand and was fooled by him for years too.

However, the short term behaviour of markets is usually driven by valuation considerations. At the current level of around 8,000 for CNX Nifty, the one year forward price to earnings ratio stands at over 16.50. These valuations aren’t cheap by any standard and indicate expectations of significant improvement in corporate earnings..

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It inherit in it design.People continue to buy sell goods. But you don have growth. And maybe I a pessimist. The ability of stress to induce immune suppression is widely recognized, but the mechanisms underlying the effects of stress on the adaptive immune system during tumor progression are not completely understood. To study the effect of stress on the immune system in vivo, we used a preclinical immunocompetent mouse model bearing 4T1 mammary adenocarcinoma cells. Mice were randomized into 4 groups, including social isolation (SI), acute restraint stress (aRRS), chronic restraint stress (cRRS), or no stress (NS).

Mars, like the Earth, orbits the Sun. Even with Earth at aphelion (its most distant point) and Mars at perihelion, we’re still 206.7 151.9 = 54.8 million km apart. Sure, aphelion and perihelion of our respective worlds don’t quite line up in our current epochs, but we’ll indulge imagination and fudge things a bit..

What about the claims regarding blood sugar, cortisol, and insulin metabolism? Simply put, holy basil helps regulate blood sugar in a way similar to cinnamon. Cinnamon is an herb that’s been shown to lower high blood sugar, even in response to the consumption of high glycemic index carbohydrates. Holy basil can do this as well.

Experimental study shows that it has significant improvement of accuracy (from 4.8% to 37.6%) compared with the Game on 10 real networks. It is more efficient on Facebook networks (FN) and Amazon co purchasing networks than on other networks. This result implicates that friend circles of friends of Facebook are valuable to understand the overlapping community division..

The good news, according to Bortolin, is that the city recent addition of 24 police officers is having a noticeable impact on crime prevention downtown. Meanwhile, Community Investment Plan (CIP) incentives that he lobbied for are pulling in significant private sector dollars for residential and commercial investments. The private sector created the miraculous turnaround in bankrupt Detroit, said Bortolin, and it can do the same thing here..

Here, we demonstrate experimentally that the very act of local observation gives rise to an activation protocol which converts discord into distillable entanglement, a stronger and more useful form of quantum correlations, between the apparatus M and the composite system AB. We adopt a flexible two photon setup to realize a three qubit system (A, B, M) with programmable degrees of initial correlations, measurement interaction, and characterization processes. Our experiment demonstrates the fundamental mechanism underpinning the ubiquitous act of observing the quantum world and establishes the potential of discord in entanglement generation..

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Tadros, Aliyah C. Perkins, Kristin M. Piszczek, Faten Ali, Robert Bucki, Nathaniel J. Attitudes towards PD were also assessed before and after. Qualitative feedback relating to the training was used to provide further insight into the findings.Results: Offender Managers showed a significant improvement in their ability to carry out case formulation following training with 7 out of the 10 quality domains on the quality checklist rated as at least satisfactory TM post training. Qualitative feedback highlighted reasons for some of the shortfalls in two of the three areas that did not show improvement.

This is done so the item can be put on sale and seem like a great deal but still be sold for an amount that will make the retailer money. I do this from time to time on my items I sell. I mark them up and then run a 30% off sale so it seems like they are getting an amazing deal, which they still are getting a deal, but I still able to sell the items for what I want.So, instead of going by sticker price I would try to find similar frames or that brand that are for sale/have sold on eBay and try to price yours around that.

On a grander and more deadly scale, Osama bin Laden too has always understood the value of a well timed provocation. And its Arab allies, then were cast into the wilderness of Sudan until the Taliban came to power and gave them a home. Even when bin Laden gathered his World Islamic Front in the backwater of Afghanistan in 1998 and issued a call to “jihad against Jews and Crusaders,” he only ever commanded a couple hundred men, and wielded little power to alter the political order against which he railed.

Uses the riots at Woodstock ’99 as an example of a mob seeking revenge for being denied what they perceived as entitlements. Recounts specific events from the concert, beginning with the group Limp Bizkit working the crowd into a frenzy and cumulating through the full scale rioting. Details the lack of sanitation and water, excessive use of drug and alcohol, and capitalistic opportunism.

Year, Craft has seen the pressure increase as the win streak continues but she also has watched as the team keeps improving. More we get under our belt, the more pressure I feel like we have, she said. Can see other teams improving. That scenario is not at all out of the realm of possibility, especially when the virus sample has been sent to 4,000 destinations. If you play the odds long enough, nature is going to clobber you. Nature will survive and viruses, of course, are not even living.