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Is it worse to discriminate against somebody who faces frequent and systemic discrimination, or somebody who only has to deal with occasional, and usually less severe, discrimination? I would argue the former, because the compounding effects of discrimination are much more severe for them. I don think those two cases are entirely equal, and I don think you can say that all forms of discrimination are equal either. It certainly easier to look at it as black and white and ignore all of the complexity of discrimination issues, but the fact is that every group of people faces different kinds and severity of discrimination and it worse for some people than for others..

“I so annoyed with them.” The large bundles had the recipients bills in an envelope taped to the outside of the larger package. The bills contained names and addresses of ActewAGL customers, unique reference numbers and show how much gas the customer were using. In some cases, it could have been possible to determine from the bill if a person was receiving a pension.

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. With photographer Joan Liffring Zug Bourret. Moderator: N. Paul: Thanks, Fraser. So, when we’re looking at singularities, it’s important to keep in mind what a singularity is. A singularity is a place of infinite density, and that’s not really a thing.

2012Integrated chronological control on an archaeologically significant Pleistocene river terrace sequence: the Thames Medway, eastern Essex, EnglandBriant, R. M., Kilfeather, A. A., Parfitt, S., Penkman, K. There is however one mysterious entity whose deeper understanding of may change the possibilities. This entity, known as dark energy, is believed to be responsible for pushing the galaxies farther apart and subsequently the universe’s accelerated expansion. Unless its actual properties are very dissimilar from what it is showing now, we may have to shelve the Oscillating Universe Theory..

Activity: Publication peer review and editorial work Journal or guest editorshipActivity: Publication peer review and editorial work Journal peer reviewPublication detailsJournalAtmospheric Chemistry and PhysicsDateAccepted/In press 12 Feb 2018DatePublished (current) 22 Mar 2018Issue number6Volume18Number of pages16Pages (from to)4039 4054Original languageEnglishAbstractGas phase rate coefficients are fundamental to understanding atmospheric chemistry, yet experimental data are not available for the oxidation reactions of many of the thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) observed in the troposphere. Here, a new experimental method is reported for the simultaneous study of reactions between multiple different VOCs and OH, the most important daytime atmospheric radical oxidant. This technique is based upon established relative rate concepts but has the advantage of a much higher throughput of target VOCs.

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Questions still remain about another gun law, the so called carry bill or , which would allow for the concealed carry of handguns on college campuses. Senators said Friday it will not be added as an amendment to open carry, and voiced confidence that it will pass as its own legislation, which is now in the House. The big sticking point in that bill: allowing campuses the opportunity to opt out of the campus carry program, which has been proposed by university leaders.

Materials that crystalize in diamond related lattices, with Si and GaAs as their prime examples, are at the foundation of modern electronics. Simultaneously, the two atomic sites in the unit cell of these crystals form inversion partners which gives rise to relativistic non equilibrium spin phenomena highly relevant for magnetic memories and other spintronic devices. When the inversion partner sites are occupied by the same atomic species, electrical current can generate local spin polarization with the same magnitude and opposite sign on the two inversion partner sites.

Why occultations? Consider the wow factor; light from Aldebaran left about 65 years ago, before the start of the Space Age, only to get ‘photobombed’ by the occulting Moon at the last moment. Four bright stars (Regulus, Spica, Antares and Aldebaran) lie along the Moon’s path in our current epoch. Dial the celestial scene back about two millennia ago, and the Moon was also capable of occulting the bright star Pollux in the astronomical constellation of Gemini as well..

F. L., Ostler, T., Chantrell, R. W., Hoefer, M. Police (and policing) the organized civil force and agency of SOCIAL CONTROL, which, in the service of the STATE, is charged with preserving law and order. It does this by protecting persons and property and bringing wrongdoers to JUSTICE, and acting as a deterrent to CRIME. The first full time and professional force (the Metropolitan Police) was established in Britain in 1829.

I loved the bar so much. It was a very relaxed environment and I would take dates there all the damn time. The coffee house has become TRA central, the club has been overrun with TIMs, gay men, and straight women. Here, heat treatment was investigated as a potential means of improving the properties of cold sprayed coatings from Al alloy C355. Coatings produced with process conditions of 500 C and 60 bar were heat treated at 175, 200, 225, 250 C for 4 h in air, and the evolution of the microstructure and microhardness was analyzed. Heat treatment at 225 and 250 C revealed a decreased porosity ( 0.14% and 0.02%, respectively) with the former yielding slightly reduced hardness (105 versus 130 HV0.05 as sprayed).

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Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Brain Science in Japan have found certain chemical markers that are associated with schizophrenia. They worked with lab mice with models of schizophrenia as well as post mortem brain specimens of persons with schizophrenia. The study titled, “Excess hydrogen sulfide and polysulfides production underlies a schizophrenia pathophysiology,” was published in the latest issue of the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine..

A total of 21 invited international experts in the responsible gambling field participated in all three phases. A total of 75 performance indicators were outlined and assigned to six categories: (1) criteria of content, (2) modelling, (3) qualification of trainer, (4) framework conditions, (5) sustainability and (6) statistical indicators. Nine of the 75 indicators were rated as very important by 90 % or more of the experts.

Kris Letang is good with the puck, and competent in his end, but he is not an intimidating presence. The Pens don have an elite d man in the mold of a Weber or Chara. Letang is more in the mold of Lidstrom or Suter. I trained every day. My ex told me, keep training. When your opportunity comes, you be ready.

Overall, the testing effect was replicated, although considerable variability was present. We found no evidence for any effects of individual differences in WMC or personality on the magnitude of the testing effect. However, when comparing low v. The danger to owners and their neighbors is one obvious drawback to keeping a tiger at home. “No matter how tame a tiger might seem, it isn’t tame,” says Richard Lattis, director of New York City’s Bronx Zoo. “Dogs and cats have been bred for thousands of years to live with humans.

We investigate the effects of dense environments on galaxy evolution by examining how the properties of galaxies in the z = 1.6 protocluster Cl 0218.3’0510 depend on their location. We determine galaxy properties using spectral energy distribution fitting to 14 band photometry, including data at three wavelengths that tightly bracket the Balmer and 4000 breaks of the protocluster galaxies. We find that two thirds of the protocluster galaxies, which lie between several compact groups, are indistinguishable from field galaxies.

In summary, this study did not identify a panel of genomic variants common to these elite endurance athlete groups. Since GAMES was underpowered to identify alleles with small effect sizes, some of the suggestive leads identified should be explored in expanded comparisons of world class endurance athletes and sedentary controls and in tightly controlled exercise training studies. Such studies have the potential to illuminate the biology not only of world class endurance performance but also of compromised cardiac functions and cardiometabolic diseases..

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According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), trade in shark products amounts to nearly $1.0 billion each year.Unregulated fishing and trade can meanwhile have a devastating effect for many species of shark and ray mature slowly and have few young, meaning it takes a long time for threatened populations to recover.The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said in March that 17 species of rays and sharks face extinction.But while there is growing recognition of the threat facing sharks, their situation has yet to garner the same level of concern as iconic land species like the elephant and rhinoceros.If they had, Luke Warwick of the Wildlife Conservation Society said many threatened sharks and rays would already be listed under CITES Annex I, which bans all international trade in the species.Yahoo News Photo StaffPHOTOS: Yugoslavia brutalist relics fascinate the Instagram generationGenex Tower is unmissable on the highway from the Belgrade airport to the center of the city. The tower is one of the most significant examples of brutalism an architectural style popular in the 1950s and 1960s, based on crude, block like forms cast from concrete. Victoria state Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth ordered Codey Herrmann, 21, to serve at least 30 years behind bars for his crimes against 21 year old Aiia Maasarwe last January.

M., Lee, J., van Pinxteren, D., Moller, S., Minguilln, M. C., Shafer, M., Carslaw, D., Ehlers, C. Pandis, S., 18 Jul 2016Article in FARADAY DISCUSSIONS. Briefly, it is argued that a brand exists when a product acquires symbolic value, which converts into economic value in the form of premium price, or into emotional value, in the form of consumer loyalty. The stronger the brand, the more the symbolic eclipses the real, inhibiting the consumer’s conscious evaluation of essence. Branding is thus useful for creating product distinctiveness where the essence is weak, and the product is simple.

If someone steps (up), we gotta back that person up and then back that person up. Blue Knights had the game first opportunity and shot on goal 11 minutes into the contest. It came off a boot from Grayek, but a Warriors defender got a piece of it just enough for it to sail over the goal..

The validity and accuracy is verified by 3D FE results. Based on the force formulas and the multi objective function derived from the analytical models, a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is applied to optimize the dimensions of the planar motor. The design and optimization of the planar motor is validated with experimental results, measured on a built prototype, thus proving the validity of the analytical tools..

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K., Yip, P., Yonemoto, N., Yoon, S J., Younis, M. Z., Yu, C., Jin, K. Y., El Sayed Zaki, M., Zhao, Y., Zheng, Y., Zhou, M., Zhu, J., Zou, X. The tumour vasculature and microenvironment is complex and heterogeneous, contributing to reduced delivery of cancer drugs to the tumour.We have developed an in silico model of drug transport in a tumour cord to explore the effect of different drug regimes over a 72 h period and how changes in pharmacokinetic parameters affect tumour exposure to the cytotoxic drug doxorubicin. We used the model to describe the radial and axial distribution of drug in the tumour cord as a function of changes in transport rate across the cell membrane, blood vessel and intercellular permeability, flow rate, and the binding and unbinding ratio of drug within the cancer cells. We explored how changes in these parameters may affect cellular exposure to drug.The model demonstrates the extent to which distance from the supplying vessel influences drug levels and the effect of dosing schedule in relation to saturation of drug binding sites.

We are very proud of our young people in the State of Maine and we need your help to find teens who are doing good work in our communities. Too often we hear about all of the “bad things” teens are doing. We want to make sure that people know there are teens in our state who are doing “good work” and making a difference..

The preservation of Venus’ surface is also responsible for its impact craters, which are impeccably preserved. Almost a thousand craters exist, which are evenly distributed across the surface and range from 3km to 280km in diameter. No craters smaller than 3km exist because of the effect the dense atmosphere has on incoming objects.

My Immortal is one of her favs, too. I am ashamed to admit I had never heard the song before Laura told me about it. I love it. I guess so yeah. I like a minimalist aesthetic in everything to varying degrees and tend to choose clothing and accessories based on that. I also like retro 60s and 70s things and British heritage fabrics and prints.

Our results show three periods of regional landscape alteration with distinct change in sediment composition: i) landscape development following deglaciation and through the Holocene Thermal Maximum, 9500 “3400 cal yr BP; ii) increased soil erosion during the Little Ice Age (LIA); and iii) rapid change during the past century coincident with ongoing climate change. The gradual landscape development led to successive changes in the lake sediment composition over several millennia, whereas climate cooling during the late Holocene caused a rather abrupt shift occurring within 100 years. However, this shift at the onset of the LIA ( 750 cal yr BP) occurred > 2000 years later than the first indications for climate cooling recorded in small lakes in the Tornetrsk catchment, suggesting that a critical ecosystem threshold was not crossed until the LIA.

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It was that thick that in places the waterbirds were walking instead of swimming.We wondered what the tourists visiting our city thought.We know what the locals think as they zigzag around and try not to step in anything.Canberra advertises itself as a young, modern and vibrant city, but it displays all the ingredients of a city totally unkempt.We used to have a parks and garden section of our local government. Whether it is still going or not is anyone’s guess.We have an eight year old chocolate Labrador named Humphrey. He is the gentlest and most obliging dog imaginable; the perfect child.

There is nothing wrong with the amount of money the Blue Jays spent in payroll last season, contrary to what super agent Scott Boras may contend. They spent more than $150 million US on player salaries. Where they failed, essentially, was in lack of performance from the paid players, including the Boras client, Aaron Sanchez..

Also from San Francisco is Mike Johnson’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The music is by Les Claypool’s prank band, Festus Clamrod and the El Sobrante Twangers, doing their version of the Charlie Daniels chestnut. Claypool takes the song as a hillbilly joke, and Johnson keeps the punch of the story (Satan gets into a fiddling contest with a country musician) while joshing around in the margins. I loved the trio of critical chickens nodding among themselves over the contest like studious jazz fans..

Of course, LTCI can be expensive, but it’s all a function of the level of coverage purchased. To avoid sticker shock, Anderson prepares a quote for a very basic policy before even asking clients whether they’re interested. When he introduces the topic, he can show clients a premium that won’t alarm them..

“It was the worst stollen,” he said. “But this German lady came in one time, and we talked, and I said, ‘We just have this terrible stollen,’ and she goes, ‘I have a family recipe.’ I said, ‘Will you give it to me?’ And she said, ‘Sure,’ and it’s the best. We’ve been using it for like, 20 some years.”.

And then there’s the food. The hotel’s seven restaurants range from casual to formal, but it’s the Lake Terrace Dining Room that wins Best Sunday Brunch, with 150 plus offerings that together compose an unparalleled flavor orgy. Jill Thomas. While it is important for children to be able to see well while trick or treating, it equally vital for them to be visible to others around them, especially drivers. Choosing costumes with reflective fabric, or adding reflective tape to the costumes, will make your child stand out in the dark. If possible, select flame retardant material as well, since jack o lanterns and other open flames are common on Halloween..

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The autopsy concluded that Vaughan suffered multiple internal injuries and died of exsanguination due to blunt trauma. At the inquest, the coroner found no evidence of drug or alcohol use and recorded death by misadventure. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that the pilot failed to gain sufficient altitude to avoid rising terrain..

Of Memphis, one more thing must be said: The art is stunning. Bowers’ style will surely appeal to fans of alternative comics of the ’80s and ’90s. The marriage of his indie style and more mainstream, superhero based content creates an interesting contrast.

These are just three adjectives normally used when asked to describe Akoya Pearl Necklaces. A contemporary piece of jewelry, each pearl necklace is hand knotted individually showing a silky luster. Brilliant Japanese pearls, it is always a pleasure receiving Akoya pearl necklaces.

Mullens must play fast by throwing quick slants like Rodgers did at times. The should follow Grant advice and negate the pass rush by doing screens. They should put a player in motion so he is at full speed at the snap of the ball. And that’s from prescription drugs that are used as directed! Pharmaceuticals are the modern day equivalent of radioactive products: they’re both forms of sophisticated quackery. Today, however, the quackery is more complex, and because so many scientists are involved, it seems credible. Yet drug companies can make any chemical appear useful by manipulating test results or designing clinical trials in a certain way that’s guaranteed to produce the results they’re looking for.

There are some very basic problems with this wave detection pronouncement. First, no one has adequately described the exact nature of gravity. It is a force with a source that has not been identified. Methods for the estimation of the NICE cost effectiveness thresholdClaxton, K. P., Martin, S., Soares, M. O., Rice, N., Spackman, E., Hinde, S., Devlin, N., Smith, P.

Florida ranks ninth in the nation for solar resource the strength of the sun rays. FPL projects that solar will outpace coal and oil combined as a percentage of the company energy mix by the year 2020. By 2023, FPL estimates solar will reach 4 percent of its generation capacity..

All but one of the jurors presume he is guilty. Juror 8 is determined to hang on to his belief that there is reasonable doubt. As the jurors discuss the case, heatedly at times, their own personalities, opinions, and biases become the main item that is explored..

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Enzymatic synthesis of lignin derivable pyridine based polyesters for the substitution of petroleum derived plasticsPellis, A., Comerford, J. W., Weinberger, S., Guebitz, G. M., Clark, J. Luring kids in with toys and playgroundsChildren may like to go to McDonald’s because they like the taste of the food, playing in the Playland and the Happy Meal toy. The Playland playground area at most McDonald’s restaurants plays an important role in many children’s social lives because it is a fun place outside of school where kids can meet and play with other children. This is especially true in neighborhoods without a local park..

FACTS: No child or otherwise has been hurt by a wild python in the Everglades, or even all of Florida. An pet killed the child in central FL, not a wild one. And on that front, it looks to me like the parents may have caused the poor child death and tried to explain it with the python cover up (better than admitting to murder, right?), which wouldn have been so difficult to create.

An Israeli study published in April 2018 in the prestigious journal Neurology examined the effect of medical cannabis therapy on children on the autistic spectrum. The study, led by Dr. Adi Aran, director of the pediatric neurology unit at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem, found that cannabis treatment with a high concentration of CBD (the non psychoactive substance considered to have medicinal properties) improved the condition of 80% of the children in the study..

I do not know whether my prosopagnosia, which medical science believes can be caused by a lesion in the area of the temporal lobe known as the fusiform gyrus, came from the tumble I took off my high chair at eighteen months the one that knocked me out cold and scared my young parents. Although the condition may be hereditary, I don’t know if any family members have it, because they’ve never discussed it. I only know that for as long as I can remember, seeing people, even those close to me, out of context leads to confusion..

“We were thinking about what to do next, not necessarily something this big, but I couldn turn down the chance to work with Charlie,” Muirhead said. Jacobson founded the rock and metal focused Relapse Records 25 years ago in his parents basement. Since then, the independent label has since released some 750 albums.

The announcement from a WTO arbitrator centers on a case with origins long before the current trade standoff: a Chinese complaint filed nearly six years ago seeking over $7 billion in retaliation. Products and sectors it would like to target. Anti dumping rulings, involving trade limits on Chinese products that the United States says are or were sold below market value.

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Brown Michael S. Voss Andrew Halverson James E. Prevete Carson J. But as I got older I got stronger through rehabilitation and therapy and really was pretty normal. Actually, that the part two to how I got how I am. I really acted as if I was normal and that ended up putting me where I am now..

Q. P., Arenque Musa, B. C., Gaiarsa, J. “With over a half million children in foster care and more than 100,000 waiting to be placed for adoption, the need for more adoptive parents is evident,” said Brodzinsky. “There is growing recognition that homosexuals have the same capacities and can provide the same quality of care to children as heterosexuals, and the children do quite well. Homosexuals are a valuable parenting resource for raising children that need families.”.

A group of 65 Republicans signed a letter begging Gov. Mark Dayton to investigate Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota in July, a request the governor basically scoffed at, since there’s no evidence that anything actually happened. But a number of lawmakers are still surly, showing up at a 400 strong protest outside Dayton’s house in early September..

Bigger cars are generally better for being given the right of way. I drive a sedan and my wife drives a huge pickup truck. She hates driving my car because she is constantly cut off and has to always be on guard.want to be around you after work. Alfredi tends to be resident and coastal. They are filter feeders and eat large quantities of zooplankton, which they gather with their open mouths as they swim. However, research suggests that the majority of their diet (73%) actually comes from mesopelagic sources; that is, they are actually deep sea predators, feeding on fish and other organisms that inhabit areas of the sea between 200 1,000 metres (650 3,330 below the surface.

Over 400 flag officers between the Marine Corps and the Navy. Nearly 100 (only 4 political appointees) SES between the CNO office and SECNAV. NO ONE had the moral courage to tell the SECNAV that dumping this policy on Sailors and Marines just coming back from deployment was not really a good idea? OR is it simply that SECNAV spent to much time flying above 15,000 feet without oxygen to even have a clue about what he was doing?.

I., Percival, C., Popoola, O., Reeves, C., Rickard, A. R., Shao, L., Shi, G., Spracklen, D., Stevenson, D., Sun, Y., Sun, Z., Tao, S., Tong, S., Wang, Q., Wang, W., Wang, X., Wang, X., Wang, Z., Wei, L., Whalley, L., Wu, X., Wu, Z., Xie, P., Yang, F., Zhang, Q., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y. ReevesAlex R.

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Cass must go. And the 32 owners must immediately suspend Goodell. If he doesn resign, the owners must discuss whether he should, for the best interest of the league.. Optogentics is a new field of research that utilizes differing forms of light in order to control the activation and inhibition of different neurons that have been genetically altered to be photosensitive. By using light sensitive channels like channelrhodopsin 2 extracted from a green algae, scientists have been able to develop methods in which light information fed to the brain via fiber optic wire, can elicit specific behaviors in various animal models such as rats. This talk will give a brief insight into the history of optogenetics, its methods, and the deferring fields of research that are integrating its use into their fields of study.

To my knowledge, there aren’t many studies available right now showing the relationship between astaxanthin and heart health, but I think those studies will be coming down the road. So this is one of those areas where, if you’re taking the supplement, it’s not necessarily proven for cardiovascular health but it probably will be down the road. And in the meantime, you’re giving yourself worthy antioxidant protection by taking it..

Storer was apparently well read, a man who could quote Shakespeare as well as call upon some Anglo Saxonisms if he thought that the situation warranted them. Not least, he proved a mentor to future Derby managers, Brian Clough and Peter Taylor; whenever their Middlesbrough team played the Rams, they would seek out Storer and sit listening to him until the small hours.Harry Storer died in Derby in September 1967, a few weeks after Clough took over at the Baseball Ground. His name lives on in the annals of Derby County.We just launched our very own app for Android and Apple devices which can be tailored to deliver the news and sport that you interested in..

Juhi Chawla: When I started my career, I was not sure whether I would last this long. I attended classes after becoming an actress but during my initial days, was heavily inspired by Sri Devi since she was cute and bubbly, closer to my persona. I also became a fan of Padmini Kolhapure who acted marvelously in Prem Rog, where she used to laugh and cry in unison.

It is however a largely misunderstood which is an issue that individuals who experience it sometimes have difficulty communicating.Purpose: The purpose of the study was to capture participants’ meaningful experiences of Chronic Low back pain in everyday life focusing on a personal significant walk. The aim of the project was to produce a series of visualisations with each of the participants which would enhance health professionals and members of the Publics understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals with chronic Low back pain.Methods: Twelve participants with Chronic Low Back Pain chose a walk of personal significance to them, either Positive or negative. Pain levels were monitored every 2 minutes during their 20 minute walk and qualitative data were collected prior to, during and after their walk using a range of approaches.Results: Using the data gathered, visual representationsof each of the significant walks have been co produced by the researchers and the participants.