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D., Macrae, R., Manley, D. M., Martel, P. P., Middleton, D. StyleSnap is available on the Amazon appGet the biggest money stories by emailSubscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsSimilar to the Shazam music finder, StyleSnap is an AI powered feature on the Amazon app that allows shoppers to upload an image of an item of clothing.The app will then instantly find the same product or hundreds of similar options from Amazon Fashion , meaning you can find steal the style of your favourite celebrity.The clever search feature will also consider various factors such as brand, price range and customer reviews which is handy for finding the best deals around.Shoppers can use the StyleSnap tool to find dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and bags for men and women only.Read MoreTopshop launch 20% off sale and it running in store and onlineShazam for fashion? Asos launches search tool that tells you where strangers bought their outfitsWhat more, influencers from Amazon current programme The Drop can even get commission from any purchases they inspire.John Boumphrey, Vice President of Amazon Fashion Europe said, “We are dedicated to continuously creating new experiences for customers to discover the products they want and love. StyleSnap enables customers to shop visually for products that have inspired them.

Most GRBs have been found to be situated at extremely large (“cosmological”) distances. This implies that the energy released in a few seconds during such an event is larger than that of the Sun during its entire lifetime of more than 10,000 million years. The GRBs are indeed the most powerful events since the Big Bang known in the Universe, cf.

We know that commuting by active transportation is healthy for our bodies, our pocketbooks and the environment. But allocating funds to keep streets safe for pedestrians was not high on the agenda when the last federal transportation bill was passed. Luckily, there are advocacy groups that are working full time to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety on Oregon streets..

Survival of the human race may soon depend on humanity’s ability to disable or destroy armies of corporate controlled robots programmed to terminate human life. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time of flight analytical instrumentation..

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Russia and China pledged to forge closer military and economic ties to counter the influence of the US. The announcement came at the end of Chinese Premier Li Peng’s three day visit to Moscow, which both countries called a “complete success.” Separately, Alexander Lebed, the most popular politician in Russia, announced the formation of his own party. He said it would provide a centrist alternative..

The Land Walls of TheodosiusIn the period 413 422, during the reign of Theodosius II, a minor emperor, a new set of walls were built, further out from the centre of the city. Known as the Land Walls of Theodosius, these are the ones which are still standing. Covering a length of 6.5km (4 miles), they again stretched all the way from the Golden Horn to the Sea of Marmara, enclosing an area of about 14 square kilometres..

A focus group was conducted in which comments were collected and transcribed for qualitative analysis. Themes of enhanced respect and equality among clients for the caregivers, and intrapersonal connectedness and enhanced feelings of community emerged during analysis. Both parties expressed recurrent themes of humility, mutual respect and overall enjoyment.

In addition, Copernicus’ model was the first astronomical system that offered a complete and detailed account of how the Universe worked. Not only did his model resolves issues arising out of the Ptolemaic system, it offered a simplified view of the universe that did away with complicated mathematical devices that were needed for the geocentric model to work. And with time, the model gained influential proponents who contributed to it becoming the accepted convention of astronomy..

Analyses revealed evidence of faecal contamination at all sites, and human contamination at 13 of the 25 sites. Whilst levels of microorganism in the water and sediment were significantly correlated: GB 124 (p= 0.015); SC (p= 0.000); FC (p= 0.018); and IE (p= 0.038), importantly GB 124, SC, FC and IE (p= 0.00) were detected at significantly higher levels (Mann Whitney) in the sediment samples. Significant correlations (p=.

Sprain [spr wrenching or twisting of a joint, with partial rupture of its ligaments. There may also be damage to the associated blood vessels, muscles, tendons, and nerves. A sprain is more serious than a strain, which is simply the overstretching of a muscle, without swelling.

2 bromo 3,7,8 trichlorodibenzo p dioxin (2 B 3,7,8 TriCDD) was found to be an AhR agonist that was 2 fold more potent than 2,3,7,8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin (TCDD; considered one of the most potent in the environment). The majority of the other tested compounds were found to be within 10 fold less potent than TCDD and could therefore have a significant impact on the TEQ. A family of putative AhR agonists from AstraZencea were investigated and one of the compounds was shown to be a highly potent AhR agonist, 5 fold more potent than TCDD at inducing CYP1A1.The results indicate approximately a 15 fold higher sensitivity of the rat cell line to the AhR agonists compared with the human cell line.

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There’s no current law that bans fracking or regulates it. Last year, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection fined a Texas oil drilling firm for fracking at a well site near the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. The Collier County Board of Commissioners and environmental groups objected so strenuously to the operation that the DEP finally fined the Dan A.

NaturalNews Negotiates Exclusive Discounts for Readers on Nutritional Products for People and Pets4/9/2008 One of the benefits of being a NaturalNews reader is that you get access to exclusive product discounts we negotiate on your behalf. I interview a lot of companies every month, and as you know, I’m always asking them for great discounts on your behalf. We never sell their products, of course, and we..

Menstrual and reproductive factors, and hormonal contraception use: associations with non Hodgkin lymphoma in a pooled analysis of InterLymph case control studiesKane, E. V., Roman, E., Becker, N., Bernstein, L., Boffetta, P., Bracci, P. M., Cerhan, J.

Even with the dilution, if the zeolite material being placed into these bottles was made from the same zeolite powder I’ve been testing, my lab instruments would have had no problem detecting somewhere from 20 50 ppb of lead, even if the liquid is a dilution of 1000:1 compared to the zeolite solids. Yet our analysis showed zero lead. Not even one ppb..

SpaceX Dragon CRS 9 returned to Earth with a splash down in the Pacific Ocean on Friday, Aug. 26, 2016 after more than a month stay at the International Space Station. Credit: SpaceXA SpaceX commercial Dragon cargo ship returned to Earth today, Friday, Aug.

It an international destination and most countries aren as restrictive about smoking as we are. And it Sin City. It supposed to be decadent. Geochemical maps provide invaluable evidence to guide decisions on issues of mineral exploration, agriculture, and environmental health. However, the high cost of chemical analysis means that the ground sampling density will always be limited. Semivariogram models for ordinary kriging).

Fibroblasts grown on IPF ECM had higher LOXL3 protein expression and transglutaminase activity compared with those grown on control ECM. IPF derived ECM also enhanced fibroblast adhesion and proliferation compared with control ECM. Inhibition of lysyl oxidase and transglutaminse activity during ECM formation affected ECM structure as visualised by electron microscopy and reduced the enhanced fibroblast adhesion and proliferation of IPF ECM to control levels.

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The entrapment of BDP in proniosome derived niosomes was higher than that in conventional thin film made niosomes, being 36.4 and 27.5 respectively. All nebulizers generated aerosols with very high drug output, which was 83.6 using the Aeroneb Pro, 85.5 using the Pari and 72.4 using the Omron. The median droplet size was 3.32 m, 3.06 m and 4.86 m for the Aeroneb Pro, Pari and Omron nebulizers respectively and the “fine particle fraction” (FPF) of BDP was respectively 68.7, 76.2 and 42.1.

Lehmann was the same man who had told a radio station he hoped Australian crowds would target Stuart Broad so viciously that “he cries and goes home”. Sutherland was the same man who had talked up an ugly 2012 13 Big Bash League confrontation between Marlon Samuels and Shane Warne as “two teams playing in front of a very big crowd in a highly charged environment with a lot at stake. That was my observation of it and from time to time things cross the line in that scenario.”.

Instead we are a nation that loves to “take the mickey” out of everybody including ourselves. Everybody is fair game, but it is generally light hearted and not intended to give offence. That is the beauty of Australians, they love a laugh. “At this time we’re looking at all angles right now,” an FBI official said. “We do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings towards that, that particular ideology. Officials for some time, but was not the target of a specific investigation, law enforcement officials told ABC News.

It’s not so much suggesting that you’re fucking up, it’s that you’re underestimating how hard those other people work. My ex boyfriend would make the same frustrating comments about doing everything right and not getting the same results as the rest of us who were “lucky”. Life isn’t a map where you follow the road and end up at a specified destination..

C., Davies, G. J., Brumer, H. Koropatkin, N. Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIn this paper we explore shared collocated interactions with mobile phones. We introduce a phone based application that allows a small group of collocated people to share photos using the metaphor of passing paper photos around. The prototype encourages people to share their devices and use them interchangeably while discussing photos face to face.

Section 20. Restriction on Advertising In Audio, Video And Computer Cassettes/discs And Similar Medium No electronic advertisements shall be incorporated within any video or audio cassette, videogame machine, optical disc or any similar medium, unless access to the item is restricted to persons eighteen (18) years of age or older. For the purpose of this Section, video game includes any electronic amusement device that utilizes a computer, microprocessor, or similar electronic circuitry and its own cathode ray tube, or is designed to be used with a television set or monitor that interacts with the user of the device..

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Methods: We examined levels of population genetic structure and diversity in 29 populations of Biomphalaria choanomphala collected around the shoreline of Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, where S. Mansoni is hyper endemic. Molecular markers were utilized to estimate the degree to which snail populations are genetically differentiated from one another..

In South Africa, John Hume and his team ride across the veldt in search of a rhinoceros requiring its biennial horn shearing. Having tranquilised the magnificent beast, a ranger saws off the horn in order to make it less prone to poaching. Hume considers this sacrifice a small price to pay for survival and declares that no species has ever become extinct while a farmer is profiting from it.

Chanter l’Internationale, tre solidaires, lyriques, autour de moi, c’est une des choses qu’on mprise le plus. La beaut de l’engagement, la croyance en un avenir meilleur, on laisse a aux jeunes. On se roule dans notre bonheur matriel tout en se trouvant intelligent.

That’s right, I said it. This is the most ridiculous nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life. Roger Goodell deserves to lose his job? Why are you acting like he’s Ray Rice? Roger Goodell did not hit Janay Palmer Rice. Until 1969, the AEC did not have a formal process for evaluating the environmental impact of building nuclear power plants. 4321 4370), which required environmental impact statements for all major federal activities. In the 1970s, the temper of nuclear regulation changed.

During his candidacy, Trump declared that his administration would be “neutral” on the Israel Palestine conflict. Although he is perceived as pro Israel, he is very familiar with the Palestinians. One of the most successful Palestinian American entrepreneurs, Farouk Shami, has known and worked with Trump for years.


I came to Franklin Avenue it was a bunch of women and kids, Luter said. Could count the number of men on one hand. Luter bought a pay per view TV boxing match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns and told the women in his church to invite every man they knew..

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Soil textural characteristics and OM content played a central role in the development of rainfall induced seals, with coarser soil particles and lower OM content resulting in thicker seals. Two different trends in soil porosity vs. Depth were identified: i) for SL soil porosity was lowest at the immediate soil surface, it then increased constantly with depth till the median porosity of undisturbed soil was equalled; ii) for ZCL and SL the highest reduction in porosity, as compared to the median porosity of undisturbed soil, was observed in a well defined zone of maximum porosity reduction c.

In a May 5 letter, then Republican Reps. Jason Chaffetz (now a Fox News contributor) and Ron DeSantis (the Governor of Florida) asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to produce Justice Department documents they said would the Committee in better understanding these issues. They sent the same letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanding all related documents to the Iran deal in the State Department possession..

Hagia SophiaThe Byzantine Empire had a number of ruling Empresses as well as Emperors. One such was the Empress Irene, who put down the Iconoclastic Revolt. The story of the Iconoclastic Movement is interesting because it shows how important religion was to the Byzantines, and how they loved to debate theological concepts..

And Krachmalnicoff, N. And Kunz, M. And Kurki Suonio, H. “Our recent work has tried to understand the interplay between policies at different levels and the actual behaviour of supervisors and departments at the micro level. While this began to be “symbolically” expressed in the 1997 education white paper, it became explicit in the 2001 National Plan for Higher Education. “But at that point no targets were set.”.

Adhesion is considered as one of the main fundamental properties of asphalt mixtures, which can be correlated with quality, performance and serviceability. However, despite its significance, research on adhesion of asphalt mixtures is limited and yet there is no established testing technique and procedure that can be used to quantify the adhesive bond strength between bitumen (bitumen filler mastic) and aggregates. Only in the past few years, some efforts have been conducted in developing testing techniques and procedures for measuring the adhesive bond strength of bitumen and aggregates.

You Say, We PayAt the beginning of each programme a question is read out; for example: ‘Who was the late Paula Yates married to?’ with three options to choose the answer from: ‘Bob Geldof’ or ‘Prince Charles’ or ‘Fred Flintstone’. Not too difficult? The viewers phone in their answer (to a premium fixed rate line) and leave their name, town and contact phone number details on the answering machine. Just after the last commercial break, one lucky caller is phoned back to be given the chance to win 1,000 for each correct answer that Richard and Judy give to the callers’ clues, within one minute..

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You a mother. You a wife. How do you get some Mary time? Everyone laughs. I am a member of the furry fandom, and founder of WikiFur. I am not a member of the convention staff or otherwise associated with AAE or Further Confusion. I was present for Friday through Monday of the convention and attended most of the large events this article was written largely from my memory and photographic documentation of these events.

The BKA executed multiple surveillance measures to electronically locate the specific UMTS stick. BKA’s surveillance team identified that, between February 5 and 7, 2019, the specific UMTS stick was used at a residence of Lousee in Kleve, Northrhine Westphalia (Germany), and his place of employment, an information technology company where Lousee is employed as a computer programmer. Lousee was later found in possession of a UMTS stick..

COLLEGE IS A petri dish for self expression, a place where students can communicate in new, complex and occasionally boneheaded ways unless they play sports. In recent years, a number of programs have banned their players from social media, shielding them from the evil diversions of modernity like cult leaders with underground bunkers. The men’s basketball teams at Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa and Louisville all barred their players from tweeting last season.

When I came out as trans in 2006, I had little idea of where I’d come from. I had been given no history upon which to frame my identity. There were no easy references for articulating my present experience. A new state law may break that cycle. People with criminal records, like Hawkins, will be able to apply to the court for a Certificate of Qualifications for Employment, offering proof from the court that a felon has been rehabilitated. The certificate also will allow boards granting occupational and professional licenses to loosen restrictions banning felons from holding them..

I have both as well and am very frustrated by the fact that the medical community seems to keep studying this combination, and pointing out how important it is to treat both, but no one offers any help in finding quality counseling in order to facilitate this treatment. My diabetes is actually under good control, with my last A1C at 5.6, but the depression and the struggle to maintain that control continues. Sure, I get antidepressants from my doctor.

Training is extensive, there lots of it, (but) there obviously some sort of gaps if we having incidents, right? Something missing. We got to figure out what that is, said Darrin Kruger, president of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 7552. Sunday after suffering serious injuries at the mine, located about 30 kilometres southwest of the city..

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In conjunction with the convention, on Nov. He will also help with the drum circles at the Puunene event and introduce a Hemp Tent. A family band from Donegal, Ireland, the band features Luca age 15 on accordion; Finn age 13 on banjo; Dempsey age 10 on bodhran; and father Tommy Byrne on guitar, fiddle, uilleann pipes and bagpipes.

“The average person’s fear of getting onstage and telling their story,” says Normandin, “that sometimes inhibits them from doing it. So we the other producers and I we take them through a sort of Basic Storytelling 101. They submit something on paper it doesn’t have to be the whole story, just the basic idea and then we’re gonna put a producer with it, and they’ll work with that producer, who’ll listen and give them as much feedback as they want.

At Mayo Clinic, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other specialists work together to diagnose and treat people with heart valve disease. Your treatment team works with you to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your condition. Mayo Clinic doctors offer many treatment options for heart valve disease, including aortic valve disease , mitral valve disease , pulmonary valve disease and tricuspid valve disease ..

Life cycle emissions vary between 1.5 and 22 gCO2eq./MJ ethanol (2011 design) depending on production location (98% to 77% reduction vs. Gasoline). Using system expansion for co product allocation, ethanol production in studied locations meet the Energy Independence and Security Act emissions requirements for cellulosic biofuels; however, regional factors and on going technology developments significantly influence these results..

While the stories of suicide by users may be exceptional, they remain indelible. The Terebins say their creation has a role to play in helping young people grow up. They develop more freedom. I get nervous about calls for a radically different approach to education. While agreeing the need for curriculum resilience within fluid knowledge landscapes, I have less confidence in alternatives such as Edupunk’s contested DIY model as portrayed by KamenetzPathways and guidance might be more effective thanfreedom in an unfettered internet. Rather than move away from the university in Edufactory style, my research will investigate how to do different and better with what is already in place.

I’ve never had to weigh my needs against someone else’s convenience (or my own). I now realize that this is what millions of people have experienced and live with every day, and without their willingness to speak out, we wouldn’t have food labels or allergy warnings or public bathrooms that can fit a wheelchair. A disease doesn’t define who I am, but it is part of me, and if I’m going to live my life to its fullest, I need to make that part fit..

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The voice inside my head said, let your wife know. That would be very, very bad for you. Nodded while punching in the coordinates on our dashboard mounted GPS, and watched the screen light up with the familiar graphic of a roadway and tiny car.. Phenotypically most isolates showing resistance to cephalosporins were AmpC rather than ESBL, a number of isolates having both activities. Phenotypic resistance patterns suggested co acquisition of some resistance genes within subsets of the isolates. Genotyping using ERIC PCR demonstrated these were not clonal, and therefore co resistance may be associated with mobile genetic elements.

Brewer says he came to identify deeply with his subject. “Rudy Ray Moore made his own records. He forged his own path. The 2 cases with LH tested negative for Equid herpesvirus 1 and 4 by polymerase chain reaction and immunohistochemistry (IHC), and no viral particles were observed by electron microscopy in 1 case examined. The cause of LH remains unknown, but based on the T lymphocytic nature of the inflammation and the human literature, an immune mediated origin is hypothesized. In addition, the review of 24 cases revealed that 10 horses had few and small multifocal lymphocytic infiltrates within the pituitary gland; the remaining 12 horses showed no evident lymphocytes when examined by hematoxylin and eosin.

SCIMITAR+ collaborative, 30 Aug 2019Review article in The British journal of psychiatryModelling the impact of referral rates and length of stay on out of area admissions: a discrete event simulationPaton, L. W. Tiffin, P. “I would have used different words.” (Mitt Romney, responding to Rush Limbaugh’s evisceration of Sandra Fluke.) Translation: “I agree with Rush, she’s a slut.” “Legitimate rape” (Rep. Todd Akin, R Mo., during a local TV interview) = “She asked for it.” “Another method of conception” (Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan referring to rape in a recent TV appearance) = “She asked for it and now has to live with the consequences.” “He’s not like us.” (Sarah Palin, referring to Barak Obama.) = “He’s black and smart.” “If you elect me, I will protect the essential nature of our neighborhoods.” (Heard on the radio while driving through Pittsburgh a few years ago during an election for city council.) = “I’ll keep the blacks and Hispanics out.” “American values” = Entitlement by banks and corporations to lie, cheat, steal, and avoid paying taxes. “Citizens United” = Citizens divided.

Lol. No, that is not true. Thinking that a system is bloated with too many values obfuscating the possibility to determine what is good or not have nothing to do with the level of play. Hemingway Riayan A. Tejeda Jesus A. Gonzalez David Edward Owens Jr.

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Climate change experts generally agree, if changes aren’t made first. The City of Boston currently projects high tides to increase by 21 inches by the 2050s and by three feet by the 2070s over its current levels. And that doesn’t factor in the effects of wind and storms, which can add several additional feet in surge..

Brian Kimmel is an organizer with Wake Up International, a world wide network of young people practicing art of mindfulness. The Wake Up networkgrew out of the Plum Village Meditation Center in France, under the guidance of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh. The Wake Up movement was formally launched in Summer 2008..

In 1991, Tim Burton made a film about Ed Wood. Based around the making of Plan 9 from Outer Space it starred Johnny Depp as Ed Wood and Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi. Burton’s re creation of Plan 9 is better than the original or so the critics would have us believe.

“I have long criticized FPL’s proposal to build more nuclear reactors in this location, which is ground zero for the impacts from climate change, particularly sea level rise. Investing tens of billions of dollars on a power plant that will be underwater one day, along with the highly radioactive waste it will produce, makes no sense,” said Captain Dan Kipnis, a local resident and fishing captain. “The evidence we’ve provided cries out for a halt to approving the federal licensing of these proposed reactors and a return to the drawing board regarding the safety, or lack thereof, of our precious drinking water.”.

Unlike a cigarette, you are smoking a flavored vapor it smooth, light, and often tastes like fruit or candy. When a group of five or six people share a hookah, you inhaling a fraction of the nicotine of one cigarette. While health organizations rightly emphasize how much damage smoke can do when it enters into your lungs, hookah advocates point out that it is vapor you are inhaling, it has no tar, and the nicotine is miniscule.

Artist’s impression of the seasons on Mars. Mars is near perihelion when it is summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the north, and near aphelion when it is winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the north. As a result, the seasons in the southern hemisphere are more extreme and the seasons in the northern are milder.

However, power economic performance is likely to affect the business negatively. Economy will improve, in the near future. Social cultural developments are another element of the general environment that is likely to affect the security firm. The standards themselves aren changing, but the details reveal some interesting tidbits. Photos of breasts are OK in some cases such as breastfeeding or in a painting but not in others. The document details what counts as sexual exploitation of adults or minors, but leaves room to ban more forms of abuse, should it arise..