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Many bacterial species use quorum sensing (QS) signalling molecules to regulate the production of public goods. QS therefore determines the cooperative phenotype of individuals, and influences conflict over public goods. In addition to their regulatory functions, many QS molecules have additional properties that directly modify the prevailing environment.

And that never happens. I think for a long time I was in a little bit of denial over my voice coming back, if that makes sense. I was writing songs that, I thought at the time, I wanted to pitch to other artists. Halloween Surprise! Fans tag Preity Zinta as Pandey as she hints a cop cameo in Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3Top Rated hindi Movies of201920192018201720162015201420132012201120102009200820072006Bollywood produces hundreds of films annually and if you are finding it difficult to choose from the lot, here we give you a rundown of all the films that have released along with the film’s reviews and ratings. The section also covers reviews, trailer, cast information, box office collections, related videos and pictures of every film that has been listed. The list is updated as and when a new movie releases.

B., Bernath, P., Biraud, S. C., Blavier, J. F. The March Aquarids belong to the daylight showers which was first detected 1961 by C. S. Nilsson with radar methods. One dose of H IPSE was superior to MESNA and IL 4 in suppressing bladder hemorrhage in an IL 4 and NLS dependent fashion, and comparable to MESNA in dampening ifosfamide triggered pain behaviors in an NLS dependent manner. H IPSE also accelerated urothelial repair following IHC. Our work represents the first therapeutic exploitation of a uropathogen derived host modulatory molecule in a clinically relevant bladder disease model, and indicates that IPSE may be an alternative to MESNA for mitigating CHC..

By taking this money from us we will not be able to train new EMTs and the skills will only diminish. This will leave Joe Public in harms way by either sending out poorly skilled EMTs or none at all because of expired certifications because we cant afford all the training. We do this job because we care trust me the few of us that are EMTs for a living are poorly paid for what we do.

Wright Todd M. Bates Richard A. Burdick Jerrick M. Peter Edsor, Bungendore With Barnaby very loud Canberra bashing, why the deafening silence from Liberal Senator Seselja and the leader of the Canberra Liberal Mr Coe? John Davenport, Farrer Given Mr Joyce doesn like the location of Canberra he could, by regulation, relocate the capital to Armidale. Helen M. Goddard, Turner Another “Pork hound Racing” moment.

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The radiant for the Orionid meteors, looking eastward around 2 AM local. Image credit: Stellarium2015 sees the shower peaking right around the morning of Wednesday, October 21st. This will place the Moon at a 59% illuminated waxing gibbous phase and setting around local midnight, setting the stage for dark AM skies, perfect for meteor hunting..

Lily Collins stars as an aspiring actress in 1958 Hollywood who makes an instant love connection with her studio driver (Aldren Ehrenreich). But that against the rules of her eccentric boss, billionaire Howard Hughes, played by another Hollywood legend, Warren Beatty. He also wrote and directed this romantic comedy from November.

Meanwhile, Michael fled the palace by boat and sailed along the coast to the monastery of Studium, where he hoped he would be safe. Not so. The crowds tracked him down and he was dragged out, put on a donkey and driven back to the centre of the city.

Anastasia Dedyukhina found success in digital advertising. But in 2015, she became concerned that technology was working against her and reversed the course of her career entirely, becoming an advocate for “digital minimalism.” Technology companies and those who provide content for them are doing everything they can to seize and commodify our attention, and it’s working. “It’s not a content problem.

His words are followed by a statement in white type on a black screen which reads: “The killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are crimes that remain unsolved. The opinions expressed in this series represent just some of the many conceivable scenarios regarding how those crimes may have occurred. The young relative has never been questioned or charged in relation to these crimes and he has not made any public statements about any allegations regarding his involvement.

In this study we report in plane nanotracks produced by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) exhibiting lateral self assembly and unusual periodic and out of phase height variations across their growth axes. The nanotracks are synthesized using bismuth segregation on the GaAsBi epitaxial surface, which results in metallic liquid droplets capable of catalyzing GaAsBi nanotrack growth via the vapor “liquid “solid (VLS) mechanism. A detailed examination of the nanotrack morphologies is carried out employing a combination of scanning electron and atomic force microscopy and, based on the findings, a geometric model of nanotrack growth during MBE is developed.

Luckily they were very patient with me and helped out enormously with my Spanish, in addition they fully included me with all social activities that took place. With this in mind Valencia is the ideal location, there are regular organised Erasmus social events these are often heavily discounted and subsidised and are a great way to meet other like minded students.There is no shortage of bars dotted around the city, some offering three quintos (a bottle of beer) for a euro! In terms of nightclubs; please do not leave Valencia without spending a night on the roof terrace of Las Animas the view of the sunrise and then mandatory early morning swim is just incredible. Also, the roof terrace at Mia (l’umbracle) is without doubt the most breathtaking nightspot that I have ever visited an absolute must!Excursions/lingI was quite lucky in that I had the opportunity to travel to places like Alicante, Elche and Castellon with the rugby team.

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Varadarajan has written about the riots at length. He has been critical of Modi. But he has also been critical of the BJP chief political foe, the Congress.. These effects frequently are discussed and debated in stories about Austin declining African American population. But there is one effect that often is overlooked. It is worth revisiting, for it will be much discussed in about five years when it becomes clear how the African American migration from Austin to the suburbs potentially affects the makeup of the Austin City Council..

Here we have studied the impact of long term exercise and housing conditions on: a) hippocampal expression of glucocorticoid receptor (Nr3c1), b) epigenetic regulation of Nr3c1 (DNA methylation at the Nr3c1 1F promoter and miR 124 expression), c) anxiety (elevated plus maze, EPM), and d) adrenal gland weight and adrenocorticotropic hormone receptor (Mc2r) expression.Results: Exercise increased Nr3c1 and Nr3c1 1F expression and decreased miR 124 levels in the hippocampus in single housed mice, suggesting enhanced resilience to stress. The opposite was found for pair housed animals. Bisulfite sequencing showed virtually no DNA methylation in the Nr3c1 1F promoter region.

Mechanically the game plays quite a bit like WC3, it definitely closer to it than to SC2, so you should feel right at home soon. Just like in WC3, unit preservation is crucial, because not only producing a new squad is much more expensive than reinforcing one, but by allowing unit deaths you are also feeding your opponent XP, which makes him field elite call ins sooner and his units level up too. Unit veterancy can have the same level of impact as hero level ups in WC3, as they open new skills and often provide significant combat bonuses specific to each unit type (e.

The audio begins: on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a caretaker. So God made a farmer. Nostalgic ad took two minutes an expensive eternity for Super Bowl TV commercials. I think an aspect that should be mentioned is the fact that nobody and I mean nobody ever finishes all the food they cook on Thanksgiving day. This leads to the next great national pastime: how many different ways are there to prepare leftover turkey. I tried to explain this American holiday to a German friend of mine and at the end of the explanation she said, ‘So, on one day of the year you cook more food than you could ever possibly eat, gorge yourselves, then lay around and watch football, while being thankful?’ Um, yeah.4th July Independence DayIn 1775 war broke out between Britain and the American colonists.

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However, two leading scientists, Wilhelm Conrad Rntgen and Henri Becquerel, made discoveries that would lead to this theory being questioned. Wilhelm discovered that electromagnetic radiation could pass through opaque material, but would be absorbed by human bones. Whereas Henri found that uranium salts could give off radiation without the need for light.

The middle years of this half decade were deeply troubled, he said. Set in. A 2005 interview with The Associated Press, Boutros Ghali called the 1994 massacre in Rwanda in which half a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in 100 days worst failure at the United Nations.

But they, and thousands of other gay and lesbian couples across the country, are worried that far reaching constitutional bans on gay marriage and civil unions on the November ballot will nullify their stop gap safeguards.Since 1998, nineteen states have passed constitutional bans on same sex marriage, though Nebraska’s and Georgia’s were struck down and are under appeal. Alabama became the most recent state to pass a ban, with more than 80 percent of voters approving a constitutional amendment in early June.This fall, voters in Wisconsin and at least five other states will weigh in on whether to ban same sex marriage within their borders. The amendments in Wisconsin, Virginia, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Idaho would either explicitly or implicitly ban civil unions and threaten benefits for domestic partners.

Adams is an independent journalist with strong ethics who does not get paid to write articles about any product or company. He’s also a noted pioneer in the email marketing software industry, having been the first to launch an HTML email newsletter technology that has grown to become a standard in the industry. Adams also serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a non profit consumer protection group, and pursues hobbies such as martial arts, Capoeira, nature macrophotography and organic gardening.

The challenge for California and the nation is that two thirds of the televisions in use are the old fashioned but energy efficient cathode ray tube (CRT) sets, no longer being manufactured. In California, 4 million new sets fly off the shelves annually. LCD screens now dominate the market.

Rolling Stone critic Paul Gambaccini called the song “brilliant and a smash”. Powerman album, praised the single as “astounding”. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic lauded the song for “its crisp, muscular sound, pitched halfway between acoustic folk and hard rock”.

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The modular multilevel matrix converter (M3C) is a promising topology for high voltage high power applications. Recent researches have proved its significant advantages for adjustable speed motor drives compared with the back to back modular multilevel converter (MMC). However, the branch energy balancing in the M3C presents great challenge especially at critical frequency points where the output frequency is close to zero or grid side frequency.

As part of its secret spying and social engineering effort, the FDA also runs a national farmer intimidation program where FDA agents dressed in what look like FBI or “agency” uniforms just show up at farmers’ homes and engage in verbal intimidation in order to dissuade farmers from producing or marketing raw dairy products. This is done without a warrant and completely outside the law. Farmers are routinely told that if they talk about this, they will be targeted with armed raids..

1 player from Arkansas chose the Bears over Auburn, Oregon, North Carolina, Louisville and Arkansas. The three Fab 55 players are: RB Craig Williams (No. 46); WR Joshua Fleeks (No. The European DEVOTES FP7 project has produced and interrogated a catalog of EU marine monitoring related to MSFD descriptors 1 (biological diversity), 2 [non indigenous species (NIS)], 4 (food webs), and 6 (seafloor integrity). Here we detailthe monitoring activity at the regional and sub regional level for these descriptors, as well as for 11 biodiversity components, 22 habitats and the 37 anthropogenic pressures addressed. The metadata collated for existing European monitoring networks were subject to a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

In a clear salute to tradition, Vacheron Constantin Chronometre Royal Replica watchmakers chose a hand wound mechanical movement for their new Malte Collection chronograph: the legendary calibre 1141, a tried and tested design with an impeccable technical record, not least because of its fine, dependably efficient column wheel construction. In the style of many an earlier model, the new Malte chronograph features a 30 minute totalizer and a subdial for the running seconds positioned on the 3 to 9 o’clock axis, along with a centre chronograph seconds hand. Vacheron Constantin has long enjoyed a loyal following from the horological cognoscenti and the social elite, numbering kings, queens, emperors and presidents among its customers.

Some specific hormones play a role in glucose metabolism. If these hormones are not produced properly during specific stages of sleep (such as the REM cycles), the body will have more of a problem metabolising glucose while awake. Without becoming overly scientific in regards to the roles that hormones play, the main takeaway point is that sleep is absolutely vital if we hope to maintain our health..

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The ACLU is not about equality or fair treatment. It is about Atheism and Communism (which always go hand in hand). I wrote an article proving this here:The ACLU seeks to destroy America. Then in 1935, the new Turkish government converted it into a museum. A reconstruction and conservation project was started which is still ongoing, to restore it to its former splendour. However, there is a problem here: the Islamic features are as much in need of preservation as the Christian features they cover.

Many times a DNA test has to be done. But you can tell if a child id not yours without doing a DNA Test.33Babies Baby CareDIY Baby Shower Ideas for Girlsby ezzly 3 years agoFrom pink ducky punch to tutu nail polishes, check out these awesome DIY ideas for your baby girl shower!16From Baby to ToddlerHealthy Finger Foods For Babies and Toddlers When To Introduce Finger Foodsby rebekahELLE 9 months agoThere are many healthy, delicious finger foods for babies and toddlers. Babies between the ages of 6 9 months are ready to try different kinds of food.

COOL. But there’s one striking hurdle that’s always in her way: Where are all the stock photos of diverse bodies?Many young players are just beginning their NFL journey. Did You Know? Many people have heard that light is made up of waves, but what does that mean? The answer seems very abstract: light, and other forms of , are made up of wave shaped electric and magnetic fields that reinforce each other as they travel together. In the 19th century, physicists discovered that a changing electric field can create a magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field can create an electric field. So a wave shaped electric field (for example, the field created when a charged particle such as an electron moves up and down) can create a wave shaped magnetic field, which in turn reproduces the wave shaped electric field.

This binding was not inhibited by increasing concentrations of lactose. Also the lactose liganded CRDof Gal 3 bound meningococci but to a lesser extent than full molecule. Importantly, binding of Gal 3 was conserved among 25 meningococcal clinical isolates tested in the current study.

(Subtract one hour for Central, 2 hours for Mountain and 3 hours for Pacific). Keep in mind theprobe will be busy shooting photos and gathering data during the flyby, so we’ll have to wait until Wednesday July 15 tosee the the detailed close upsof Pluto and its moons. Even then, New Horizons’ recorders will be so jammedwith data and images, it’ll take months to beam it all back to Earth.A new photo of Charon, too! Chasms, craters, and a dark north polar region are revealed in this image of Pluto’s largest moon taken by New Horizons on July 11, 2015.

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I have never liked traveling to Monterey, CA. The picturesque coastal city is about 300 miles from my home in Los Angeles, which means cramped and uncomfortable regional aircraft are part of the equation when the turnaround is only one night. Over the years, I have cursed the LA Basin’s bumper to bumper traffic en route to the airport, argued with TSA personnel over carry on baggage and waited countless hours for the fog to lift just for the anguish of being packed into a small regional jet for.

Some are like hidden beds that slide underneath floor framing or Murphy beds. I’m only 41 and Gabriella’s 44, and neither one of us wants to climb ladders much either. So we actually put stairs in our tiny house. Its stability is then explored by addressing the Vlasov/Fokker Planck Poisson system. The Lagrangian of this system provides the dispersion relation of the secondary modes and allows an estimate of the mode onset. The secondary instabilities have been confirmed to be possible but under certain conditions on the primary island width and in a certain range of mode numbers.

“Athletes’ performance can be seriously diminished due to gut symptoms during heavy exercise,” said Playford. “We have been looking at natural approaches to reduce this problem as the range of products that athletes can legitimately take is very limited. Our findings suggest colostrum may have real value in helping our athletes perform.”.

62 eliminates a woman right to make personal, private decisions about her body and her health and invites politicians, lawyers and the courts to come between a woman and her doctor, said Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. 62 is bad for women and bad for families. Dr.

We see mast cell tumors, which is a form of skin cancer. There are mammary gland tumors, or breast cancer, and soft tissue sarcomas. We also see a fair amount of bone cancer in dogs.. The Kennedy team were down 11 1 after the eighth end but in a never say die approach, powered home and with a five in the final end claimed the win. Darrell Bellamy and Terry Clark were relentless in their 18 11 win over Barney Lavelle and Bob Jenkins with the scores even after the second, fourth and sixth ends. A three in the seventh end gave the Bellamy team a three shot lead which they held until the Lavelle team scored a four in the 10th to steal the lead by one shot.

His attackers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, claimed their motive was robbery to get money for drugs and not a hate crime. The crime spurred debate on the effectiveness of hate crime laws. McKinney and Henderson are serving life sentences for murder..

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The commercial uses food, our daily need, to enhance much deeper meanings; the focus is less on the fact that we are eating to satisfy our hunger needs but we are having a shared experience and a communion by sharing a special moment, reminiscing our childhood and creating memories to look back and cherish. MasterCard cardholders know what it is like to have good taste as “taste classifies, and it classifies the classier” (Bourdieu, 6). The commercial further shows how consumers can use taste and eating habits to distinguish themselves as a different class.

“So I sent her inspiration photos, and she suggested I come to her office so we could talk about it. “She tried them all on slim fitted silhouettes, ballgowns, lots of different types. She tried a couple of lace looks, and we landed on this quite quickly,” Fernando adds.

They try to find out how the universe really works. A true scientist is a humble person, a humble student, and a curious servant of nature. A true scientist runs experiments, or asks questions and tries to get nature to provide some answers.. The copper T intrauterine device (IUD) can work as emergency contraception. The IUD goes inside your body. If you want an IUD, a nurse or doctor needs to put it in within 5 days of when you had sex.

No EXCUSES!!! I have said it before nobody in the nation will have more talent than MIAMI this year. Do the research!! This years team will produce pros and first round picks for years to come. Hate on player. Mary Nasri, designer en chef chez Bedo, est formelle: Denis Gagnon possde un talent extraordinaire et ses crations sont de vritables oeuvres d’art. D’abord prvue pour le printemps, la collection capsule dessine par le crateur qubcois (qui aura bientt 48 ans) sera dvoile la fin du mois d’aot. Il faut dire que le concepteur est fort occup.

WalMart is world famous. They donate to the U of A, almost every local charity, they have given northwest Arkansas a massive economic boon, so why not pay the checkers ten dollars an hour. Do you doubt WalMart could afford it? Even Waste Management starts employees around fifteen to eighteen dollars an hour? My parents knew employees that became millionaire with Sam generous stock policies.

After two weeks of relative calm in the five month long crisis, the rally drew broad based support from regular citizens including young families and the elderly.Banks and other businssses linked to China were attacked and bonfires lit on Nathan Road, a main road running through the heart of the Kowloon peninsula. Police fired volleys of tear gas and baton charged demonstrators, and also hosed them down from water cannon.The Civil Human Rights Front, which had failed to obtain police approval to hold the march, said about 350,000 people took part. The police gave no estimate, saying they deemed the march to be illegal.A police officer gestures during an anti government protest in Hong Kong, China, October 20, 2019.can see Hong Kongers won easily give up their right to demonstrate.

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As a consequence, less focus has been placed on investigating whether disrupted B cell signalling/autoantibody production/clearance could also be playing a role in autoimmune disease susceptibility. Due to advances in our understanding of the human genome and the development of new genetic analysis techniques, association of several genes and by inference several molecules involved in controlling B cell activation and autoreactivity are starting to be identified. Combined with increases in our understanding of T cell independent B cell activity, including bacterial/viral activation of B cells and the ability of B cells to influence other immune cells, advances are providing additional evidence of how B cells could be playing an active role in autoimmunity above and beyond autoantibody production.

These include accident from a third party vehicle, riot, strikes, landslides, and injury from pipes and water tanks, along with those included in the standard cover. Prevention Is Always Better In case of a fire accident, prevention is better than cure. Take prior protection because fire is a powerful destroyer and can create major damage, including fatalities.

The 17 year old had complained about a growing abdomen lump that sometimes caused her pain or the feeling of being full. After a CT scan, doctors diagnosed her with fetus in fetu, a rare condition in which an oddly developed fetus is found inside a person body. Why it occurs is unclear..

Early this month, the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) announced that Dar es Salaam was among the areas in northern and southern Tanzania that would receive above average rainfall and strong winds in the coming weeks, and urged residents to take precautions.Tanzania’s eastern Morogoro Region was also affected in January as flash floods displaced over 10,000 people and damaged infrastructure such as roads and houses.Related IPS ArticlesPower Struggle Rises Over Tanzania’s Pangani RiverTanzania’s Coastal Communities Forced to Drink SeawaterConflicts Over Water Rise in TanzaniaIn Jangwani andKigogo, administrative areas inDar es Salaam, residents who refused to heed the government’s call to vacate the area are being affected by the current downpour.”I couldn’t sleep last night, the rain resulted in a lot of water here,” resident Maulid Ali told IPS.Local residents from Kigogo told IPS that the water had become a serious health hazard because people are emptying their pit latrines into the flooded water, which resulted in human excreta spreading through the area.”We drink water from the well but when it rains it is difficult to know if it is safe,” Riziki Mwenda, a resident of Kigogo, told IPS.Public health experts have cautioned that residents in disaster prone areasarepotentially vulnerable to epidemic diseases.Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Said Meck Sadick told IPS that waterborne diseases were endemic to the city because some residents did not observe good hygiene.”We keep on reminding people in low lying areas to take precautions and observe health regulations such as boilingwater and using toilet facilities,” hesaid.According to data from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare,Dar es Salaam is among five coastal regions with the highest number of cholera cases with incidents reported almost every year.But these cases could increase as this East African nation experiences the visible impact of climate change.A 2011studyby the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthstated that risks to cholera increase by 15 to 29 percent with a one degree Celsius temperature increase.Projections by the TMA show that mean annual temperatures here will increase between 2.1 to four degrees Celsiusin northern, central and southern Tanzania by 2100.The agency’s director of Research and Applied Meteorology, Ladislaus Chang’a, told IPS that increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events were likely to continue hitting most parts of the country.He said that northern and southern Tanzania would experience an increase in rainfall ranging from five to 45 percent, addingthat most parts of the country may experience a decrease in rainfall of 10 to 15 percent.”A rapid increase or decrease of rainfall will hit most parts of the country, causing floods or droughts, which has contributed to malnutrition due to lack of food, increased infectious diseases and scarcity of clean water,” he said.However, Herbert Kashililah, a technical advisor with global charityWater Aid, told IPS that the increasing number of epidemic diseases related to climate change in Dar es Salaam was largely exacerbated by existing policy gaps and lack of citizen accountability. Tanzania has no policy on climate change.Kashililah said that public health enforcement should be taken seriously.”The government should significantly invest in a clean water supply for every city resident but [should] also ensure waste water is properly managed,” he said.Kashililah said that a majority of households obtain water from boreholes that are contaminated with sewage and sanitation effluents and still did not have access to running water.The government admitted that communicable diseases still posed a serious public health risk across the country as a whole despite efforts to prevent and control it.The Minister for Health and Social Welfare Dr. Seif Rashid told IPS that the government was committed to improving the health and well being of Tanzanians by encouraging the health system to be more responsive to those at risk of contracting waterborne diseases..

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Scientists are both excited and concerned by the possibility of an impact on Mars. Whilst this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe an impact of this size on Mars (remember the excitement at Shoemaker Levy hitting Jupiter in 1994?), this event would eject millions of tons of dust into the Mars atmosphere, interfering with the Mars Expedition Rovers, and hindering orbital imaging of the planet. The Phoenix mission (currently en route) will undoubtedly be affected.

It IS all in how you raise one. I have a sweet boy in the back yard right now. He used to run up behind me and bite at the back of my leg to get me to play took the time to tell him no and sit and praise him and pet him overtime he did it. We raced back to the rest of the group absolutely panicking, looking behind us as we ran. I never saw the animal, but there are a number of stories of large, black cat sightings in western Victoria. To this day, I don’t know if he actually saw one, but I have no idea why he would make it up.

Nate Christensen, spokesman for Gilday, in a statement. Gallagher lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, said they are disappointed in the ruling that will cost Gallagher up to $200,000 in retirement funds because of his loss of rank from a chief petty officer to a 1st class petty officer.Car and DriverView Every Angle of the 2019 Rolls Royce CullinanRolls Royce behemoth SUV is very much the palatial Rolls Royce that it needs to be. From Car and DriverThe Daily BeastTucker Carlson and Guest Blame Diversity and ‘Woke’ Culture for California FiresFox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest, conservative YouTube personality Dave Rubin, both insisted Tuesday night that the wildfires burning across California are due largely to progressive ideology, “woke” culture, and diversity in hiring.

Trey Eberhart ran for three touchdowns and passed to Will French for another, Logan Howerton had a 62 yard touchdown run, and the Valiants (3 5, 2 3 Cowapa League) of Beaverton held off the visiting Fishermen (0 8, 0 5). Astoria trailed 25 7 at the start of the fourth quarter before touchdowns by Ebin Hillard and Ryan Stenblom, surrounding Eberhart’s final score, made it 32 21. With less than a minute left, the Fishermen recovered the onside kick after Stenblom’s score, and Stenblom passed to Triston Boyle for a 45 yard touchdown that made it 32 29 after a two point conversion..

J. (2016), Low latitude Holocene hydroclimate derived from lake sediment flux and geochemistry. J. According to its spec sheet, the DK2 display runs at 75 Hz. The Note Display, by default, runs at 60 Hz. So it seems Oculus has overclocked the screen to bump up the refresh rate a bit.