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Intel has finalized design of its next generation Xeon Scalable enterprise CPU socket for its “Sapphire Rapids” processors. Called LGA4677, the socket succeeds LGA3647, and is bound for a 2021 market release. Intel will have transitioned to its advanced 7 nm EUV silicon fabrication node on the CPU front, and has adopted an “enterprise first” strategy for the node.

That’s a far cry from the first NSW line up I came up against that featured nine Test players in the batting order. These were not just average Test players; the list included Bob Simpson, Neil Harvey, Norm O’Neill, Brian Booth and then, stationed at seven and eight respectively, were allrounders Benaud and Alan Davidson. South Australia actually won that encounter, but it did include a nine wicket match haul and a second innings of 251 from the irrepressible Sobers..

This paper will explore the development and implementation of the PhD in Professional Practice: Psychological Perspectives offered by the Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology (Canterbury Christ Church University). This PhD is an innovative programme designed to support and integrate the professional development of practitioners in a wide range of fields and to bring benefits to the organisation in which they work. It is structured so as to enable an individualised programme of study and research for each candidate, based around a specific chosen theme within their area of professional practice.

I no longer know, my dear fellow man and neighbour, if thou canst at all live to the disadvantage of the race, and therefore, “unreasonably” and “badly”; that which could have injured the race has perhaps died out many millenniums ago, and now belongs to the things which are no longer possible even to God. Indulge thy best or thy worst desires, and above all, go to wreck! in either case thou art still probably the furtherer and benefactor of mankind in some way or other, and in that respect thou mayest have thy panegyrists and similarly thy mockers! But thou wilt never find him who would be quite qualified to mock at thee, the individual, at thy best, who could bring home to thy conscience its limitless, buzzing and croaking wretchedness so as to be in accord with truth! To laugh at oneself as one would have to laugh in order to laugh out of the veriest truth, to do this, the best have not hitherto had enough of the sense of truth, and the most endowed have had far too little genius! There is perhaps still a future even for laughter! When the maxim, “The race is all, the individual is nothing,” has incorporated itself in humanity, and when access stands open to every one at all times to this ultimate emancipation and irresponsibility. Perhaps then laughter will have united with wisdom, perhaps then there will be only “joyful wisdom.” Meanwhile, however, it is quite otherwise, meanwhile the comedy of existence has not yet “become conscious” of itself, meanwhile it is still the period of tragedy, the period of morals and religions.

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