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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractWe evaluate the performance of different van der Waals (vdW) corrected density functional theory (DFT) methods in predicting the structure of perfect interfaces between the LiF(001), MgO(001), NiO(001) films on the Ag(001) surface and the resulting work function shift of Ag(001). The results demonstrate that including the van der Waals interaction is important for obtaining accurate interface structures and the metal work function shift. The work function shift results from a subtle interplay of several effects strongly affected by even small changes in the interface geometry.

Once aregular dental X ray isolates a problem, some blood tests can determine ongoing deficiency. Researchers shared that this data can make it easier to determine whether children with growing bones have vitamin D deficiencies or not. Detecting this health concern early on can help patients stave off serious problems with Vitamin D related bone deficiency.

The 2019 class consists of Razorbacks from nine different sports. The 2019 inductees were elected to the UA Sports Hall of Honor based on a vote by former Razorback letter winners in conjunction with the A Club. The UA Sports Hall of Honor, including the induction weekend, is coordinated by the Razorback Foundation, which is celebrating its 40thanniversary this year..

Friday, September 16 The Moon rises shortly before Sun sets tonight amidst the difficult to see stars of the constellation Aquarius. Believe it or not, Uranus is only about 3 degrees away, but it will be next to impossible to pick the distant planet out with the lunar glare. So why ignore the Moon? Let do some exploring and we can start just as easily as identifying the grey oval of Grimaldi..

Are you a fashion criminal? Let’s Face it, some fashion laws just scream to be broken and should be. Do you find yourself tempted to break fashion rules? Rules that have been around for who knows how long? Perhaps you are a woman that just loves to break fashion laws, and could not care less about the consequences. If you answered yes to the above questions, you’re most likely a fashion criminal..

MARTINEZ Some good sturgeon action came for the boats fishing up in Honker Bay near Little Cut, the top action at the flood tide, while the outgoing was slower. Striper fishing remained good for the Happy Hooker around Seal Island and the first row of ships, with bullheads getting the bass. Bass to 20 pounds were caught on Saturday, and the skipper even caught a nice sturgeon on Friday..

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